Escarlata Free Preminium Blogger Template

Escarlata Blogger Guide is a liberated blogger guide with 2 columns layout and sidebar on the paw. Features : somebody ornament, entrepot, domed intersection tool, machine readmore, associated posts with thumbnail, get interpersonal marker on call, 2 guidance menus at the top of the model and 468×60 headline in the cope.To establish it on your journal then upright download it go to Blogger Dashboard  > Modify HTML,upload it and  savour….

                                        Preview ▼

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About kasper

Hey Guys I am Avinash a.k.a Kasper.I am one of the founder of this blog.I love blogging,gaming and other fitness activities.Blogging has taught me many things in my life and made me different from others.The only thing I believe is that if you ain't First your Last!


  1. Tharun Raj says:

    which template do you use for your blog…..

  2. adrian lucernas says:

    @Tharun RajMy templates are made by Johny Templates and I customized this templates so that looks good and professional..Thanks for dropping your comment,Stay with us for the latest tips. Thanks.

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