How To Enable Threaded Comments on Blogger / Blogspot

Finnaly Blogger has launched new threaded comments. Threaded commenting should gain it easier for you to act to respective comments. Blogger threaded scuttlebutt scheme is exclusive two levels wakeless, meaningful you can only response to first comments, and not to statement replies . But I guessing it’s a healthful act. Let’s inactivity for new update from Blogger.

How To Enable Threaded Comments on Blogger / Blogspot

As mentioned on Blogger bombinate formal computer, you change to equipment your journal. “Diary Feed” set to “Full”, and are using “Embedded” comments, then you’re prompt to commencement a discourse with your readers.

Blogger New Programme

  • Go to Dashboard , select your blog.
  • Go to Settings > Posts and Comments
  • Comment Location option set to Embedded

  • Go to Settings > Other
  • Allow Blog Feed option set to Full

Blogger Old Programme

  • Go to Dashboard , select your blog.
  • Go to Settings > Comments
  • Comment Form Placenent option set to Embedded below post

  • Go to Settings > Site Feed
  • Allow Blog Feed option set to Full


    If you noneffervescent not feat threaded comments, let’s two choice method for Standard Templates and Costumized Templates

    Standard Templates

    • Go to Design > Edit HTML
    • Click on Revert widget templates to default link

    You can do this tread for Costumized Templates, but this instrument Toss the all Changes Widget and regress to Nonremittal

    Costumized Templates

    • Go to Template > Edit HTML
    • Click on Expand Widget Templates check box
    • Find the Following code

    •  You will get two results. Replace both code with following code

    b:include data='post' name='comments'/>

    • Last is Save the Template!

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