How To Add Facebook Like Box Popup With Timer For Blogger?

This is other cool jQuery popup for facebook like box with official which comes with a 4 unlike skins and really smooth to produce.This equal box contains a facebook like fix so that your readers/visitors can similar your fan attendant directly finished this pop up also it contains a modify mortal which is linked to your facebook fan author.This like box is organized by kakiheboh and they titled it as “LikeBox FB Fanpage Pro”.The installation of this gadget is extremely rich,you rightful eff to make and adhesive the encipher after dynamical the facebook username.Now lets see how to add it to blogger journal.Forward see demo of the same box by clicking on the add below

Add Facebook Like Box Popup With Timer To Blogger?

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard > Edit HTML
  • Download a copy of your template
  • Hit Proceed button
  • Now find below code in your template

    add below code just above it,

    • Now replace bloggerhero with your facebook username
    • You can edit the title of the likebox popup,to change it simply edit the word “Join us at Facebook!”
    • The pop up will disappear after the time which you have set,I have set the time to 15 seconds,you can change it by simply changing the value in kakinetworkdotcom01time=”15″
    • The widget appears immediately after a visiter eneters. If you want it to appear after one minute or more then edit wait: 0 in kakinetworkdotcom01wait=”0″,
    • To change the skin i.e. image in pop up then simply edit the kakinetworkdotcom01skin=”02″ change 02 with 01,02,03 or 04. Below are some examples of skins
    Skin 01

    Skin 02

    Skin 03

    Skin 04

    I hope all of you will surely like this popup.And I am that this will surely increase your number of  fans on facebook.Peace and blessings buddies 🙂

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    1. Celizamas says:

      I do not see where exactly I replace Bloger Hero with my FB Name. The only time I see bloggerHero is in this part:″>

      I tried that, but it didn’t work.

      Can you tell where exactly I should be looking?

    2. adrian lucernas says:

      @Celizamas Hello can u provide your blog url here?

    3. sao coisas k acontecem says:

      if some one Like de page it continue appearing. how can i change that?

    4. yacine kaka says:

      thx bro this the only code that works i’ve tried many but didnt word. thank uuuu

    5. Know Plus says:

      Thanks a lot. It works!

    6. diana kelvin says:

      Excellent Share! I really like your website and the thought you have included in it.Facebook likes

    7. Si Inkomik says:

      this isn’t work any more. This script is creadit only for kakinetworkdotcom. Like another blogger who copy this script

    8. Rashid waqas says:

      nice post brother love you

    9. i doesn’t work anymore :/

    10. Adrian Lucernas says:

      @GawakI do update the code later, stay with us for latest updates..

    11. Mahmoud Bakr says:

      PLease can you provide Ilustration about that left social bar ?? its floating

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