Facebook Chat Rainbow Text Generator

In my preceding article How To Add Blue Text In Facebook Status Updates, Comments and Messages. Now i eventually found my contender Facebook Rainbow Text Generator, This Generator are my by Widget Generators. That’s why i repost on my journal because i really suchlike this . Facebook Rainbow Text is really new brilliant way for emoticons which create the gaudy text which is display for braw text to your friends spell you schmooze with them on Facebook. This is a new and rattling unique way which made by using 3 languages HTML, CSS and JavaScript.

How To Use This Generator

  • Simply Conscionable Occlusive on Create Fix.
  • Codes leave generate.
  • Simulate that Codes and Adhesive on Facebook Chat.
  • Now you can conversation now your hump ones and friends in unique matter

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  1. can u tell me how to add this tool to my blog


    can u tell me how to add this tool to my blog PLEASEE!!


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      plese help me..

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    can u tell me how to add this tool to my blog
    plzzzzzzzzzz(Facebook Chat Rainbow Text Generator)


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    can you tell me how to add this tool to my blog please- please
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