How To Add Adsense Code In The Middle Of The Post For Blogger

In me preceding article we portion you a tutorial that How To Add Adsense Anywhere in Below Title Posts For Blogger which could process your adsense CTR and but as from the galore times any websites OR whatsoever blogs put their adsense in the intermediate of the posts, that is also process the CTR of your adsense earning.

Adding Adsense In The Middle Of The Post

  • Login to Blogger > Dashborad
  • Click on Drop Down Menu and select Template
  • Backup your Template before making any changes to your blog
  • Now Click on Edit HTML > Proceed >   Expand Widget Templates
  • Press Ctrl + F and search the code shown below.


If you will find two times code and You have to Replace it With the Second One!

  • Now replace that code with below code.

Your Adsense Converted Code Here


You Have to Convert First the Adsense Code into the Compartible Form!

Click Here To Convert Adsense Code
  • Now just replace Your Adsense Converted Code Here with your Own Asense Codes.
  • Now Save Your template.

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