How To Make 3D Text Effects In Your Blogger

Uninterested with general fonts in Your blogger ? How most 3D texts to your headings and new book choke ? CSS(cascading Call Sheets) can be used to make such 3D personalty to your texts in your diary.Representation texts, umbrageous texts ,Three Dimension (3D) present piss your text author bonnie. These effects are fostered by all the web browser and your reader wouldn’t modify to position any ordinal circle plugins to sight.

How To make This In Your Post

  • Go to Text editor and change post editor into HTML mode .
  • Click Edit HTML
  • Copy down the code below & Replace the Pink Colored Text with your Text
<style> .effect_3d { color: #000; font: 80px/100px Garamond, 'Hoefler Text', Times New Roman, Times, serif; margin-bottom: 20px; text-shadow: 0 1px 0 #999,              0 2px 0 #999,              0 3px 0 #999,             0 4px 0 #999,              0 5px 0 #999,              0 6px 0 black; </style> <div class="effect_3d">Blogger Heroe 3D Effect</div>
  • Publish Post
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