How To Add Google+ Followers Widget For Blogger/wordpress/website

In my previous article on How To Add Static Google Plus Pop Out Box With Smooth Hover Effect. Now I have a new and Simplest method to Add Google Plus Follower Widget to your Blogger Wordpres and to your website.It just take a few minutes and there is 100% guarantee that it will work on any kind of Blogger blogs and WordPress. this widget looks like a General Facebook Like box but in place of Facebook Like button, you will see a Follow button. It will also show you the faces of your follower as well. So overall, it is user friendly and can help you in building your traffic. Connecting your Google Plus profile with your blog is a great way to enhance your readership by increasing your followers and engaging better with your audience. You can auto-publish your blog posts on your Google Plus stream so as to deliver your content right where your readers want it delivered. Now if you want to add this widget to your page than it’s too simple,  just fill the required data in generator below and get the coding for widget !



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