How To Add Minimizable floating facebook like box widget for blogger

I already acknowledged a lot of facebook widgets. In this post i will give you new and awful popup minimized widget for facebook like box, you can see below reanimated take maneuver as a demonstrate, you can set this widget anywhere like bottom-left or bottom-right and it can be minimized by clicking the conservative in the upper-right plight of the popup box. Now if you want to add this widget to your page than it’s too simple,  just fill the required data in generator below and then go to add to blogger button !

How To Install This Widget To Blogger?
  • Fill the required data in generator below
  • Customize setting as you need 
  • Click on “Generate” button and next click to “Preview” button to see your customized settings…
  • Finally click on “Add to blogger” to add this widget to your blog.
  • If you have any doubts don’t hesitate to ask.Please Comment.
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