How To Activate Windows 8 Using Windows 8 Loader

Some of my friends asking to me on how to activate Windows 8, So Today I will share you the easiest method of how to activate windows 8 operating syestem using this windows 8 loader. Windows 8 loader is a software which can activate windows 8 easily. I saw many users trying to activate windows 8 with their windows 8 product key. I will say you are just wasting your time because with a fake product key you can just complete your installation but you can’t activate using windows 8 product key. Anyway let’s see the windows 8 loader and how it works!

Windows 8 Activator


  • Download the ZIP file – Link given at the end of the post
  • Put this password to download in Mediafire : ilovemybai
  • Run it as Administrator *Crucial Step
  • Wait for the process and don’t do nothing it restarts automatically




Still now this is the best windows 8 loader which can activate almost any windows 8 released version. This loader is easy to use but works perfect. I already used it on 3 pc and I was successful to activate all windows 8 using this windows 8 loader. This window 8 loader has a simple interface and anyone can activate windows 8 with just 2 clicks.

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  1. nice trick brother keep it up
    Download Drivers

  2. i already did like instructed but nothing happened.
    just blue blank screen show up
    how long should i wait until its activated?

  3. I dont know if it is my window 8 problem or what. No matter how many times i try, it never restart.Just blank screen appeared. I already left it for around 3 hours, but it not restart. I installed fresh window 8 pro n. When i restart it manually, it still not activated

  4. @Kon

    where did you got that windows 8? try to download windows again here :

    Thanks and God Bless!

  5. @KonHello that loader is 100% working proven and tested with my 3 friends. and please follow all the steps above, after installing its automatically restart you computer and after that your done and your computer are already activate.

  6. Hey,try this alternative:
    contains cmd batch files which mess up with registry and WAT.


  8. @Sooraj NairThanks for leaving a comment, try it again file now has already update…

  9. There is no file to download.

  10. @Santhanam KrishTry to click the download here button, and add this password:ilovemybai to unlock.Thanks..

  11. When i click the download here button it goes to a media fire page.There it says “File Unavailable for Transfer”.

  12. In the media fire link it says “File Unavailable for Transfer”.

  13. link dead please replace the link & inform

  14. @yalamanchiliLink has already update,Click ‘DOWNLOAD’ butoon..

  15. This worked great. Just installed Windows 8 for the first time today. Thanks

  16. Link has been fixed! Same link but different site.

    I will try to keep this link alive.
    Help me spread this link.
    Message me via gmail if the link is dead.

  17. can we install updates after that windows activator was used to activate windows?

  18. Windows Loader is good loader ever
    thanks for share

    Visit Technologyshare

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