2013 Professional And SEO Friendly Blogger Templates

Each indication I compile a collection of Blogger templates, I am hypnotized to see the show of liberal designs open. But after vision many of the emancipated designs free in 2013, this measure I’m really overawed. Having determined (and of row, bookmarked) many really awful Blogger example designers, I represent statesman of my favorite templates for 2013 with complete model screenshots and course to the designers’ sites. These template are made by different authors, They all are professional template maker and a professional blogger we thank them for making these awesome templates.

Blogism Blogger template

Template Design By: templateism

Benefits of this template:

  • Social Sharing Buttons With Counter
  • Auto Read More Button
  • Ads Ready
  • Author Avatar with Each Article
  • WordPress Type
  • Magazine Style
  • Threaded commenting system

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My Blogger Tricks Blogger Template V 2.0

Benefits of this template:

  • Automatic Read More
  • Seo optimized
  • Ads Ready
  • Technology Style
  • Author box
  • Responsive Template

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Top Blogging Idea Blogger Template

Template Design By: Durai Sankar

Benefits of this template:

  • Highly Fast loading
  • Elegant look
  • Responsive design
  • professional look
  • No Auto readmore widget
  • Beautiful Background
  • Customised Headings
  • Colourful menus
  • Left sidebar
  • Easy Edting
  • Stunning comment section
  • Inbuilt Social widgets
  • And much more

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Lord HTML Blogger Template

Template Design By: Durai Sankar

Benefits of this template:

  • Nice and Simple Design
  • Responsive theme
  • SEO Optimized
  • No Footer Widgets
  • Navigation Menus
  • Search bar
  • Custom About me widget
  • Page navigation Widget
  • Stunning Threaded Comments Section
  • Default Jump Breaks for Post excerpts
  • Custom Email subscription widget
  • Customized heading tags (h1 to h6)
  • HTML Code view
  • Adsense optimised.

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Stylify Your Blog Blogger Template

Template Design By: Durai Sankar

Benefits of this template:

  • Responsive
  • Search Engine Optimized
  • Lightening fast Page Load Time (98% in Google Page Speed)
  • Exclusive Threaded Comment Design
  • CSS3 powered Tilted Header
  • Supports All Major browsers
  • Uses CSS Sprites for less HTML Requests
  • Auto Read More Hack
  • Pagination option
  • Automatic Related Posts under each Post
  • CSS3 powered ReadMore Button and Labels
  • Electrolize Web Font
  • Attractive Share Buttons and Subscribe options
  • Author Bio Box
  • Ribbon styled Labels on Post Pages
  • Print Friendly
  • Captivating Post Title design
  • Near W3C Valid
  • Four Column Footer
  • Widget Ready Sidebar with Stacked effect
  • Simple Menu and Social Media Buttons
  • Automatic Meta Descriptions
  • Stacked Paper feel to Post Body
  • Appealing Custom 404 Design
  • Simple Search Box


Helper Blogger Blogger Template

Template Design By: Durai Sankar

Benefits of this template:

  • WordPress like
  • Round corners
  • Superb sub menu
  • Adsense optimised
  • Fast loading
  • Simple and Elegant
  • Magazine type
  • Featured Section
  • Right Sidebar
  • Tabbed widget
  • 3 Column footer
  • Professional
  • Custom fonts


Blogger Tricks Blogger Template

Template Design By: Durai Sankar

Benefits of this template:

  • Super SEO
  • White clean
  • Related post widget
  • Subscribe widget in all post
  • 3 footer widget
  • Left sidebar
  • Adsense enabled
  • 90 in page speed
  • Best for all sites


My blogger tricks Blogger template V 1.0

my blogger tricks Template
Template Design By: Durai Sankar

Benefits of this template:

  • Fully SEO optimised
  • Auto read more for webmasters
  • Related post widget
  • Mouse over effect blockquote
  • Best template for ads
  • 3 Column Footer
  • 3 Columns
  •  Professional
  • Full image for header


MPL PRO Blogger Template

mbl pro blogger template
Template Design By: Deep Sinha

Benefits of this template:

  • Fast Loading
  • Seo Optimized
  • Automatic Read More After Every Post
  • Stuning Spicupyourblog Threaded Comments Section
  • Adsense Optimized
  • Search Engines Friendly
  • Every Post In Separate Boxes With CSS Hover effect
  • Large Post Thumbnails
  • Social Sharing Widget Below every post
  • Related Post With Hover Effect Below Every Post
  • Image Background in Sidebar Header
  • Stylish Block Quote Boxes with Hover effect
  • Stylish Navigation Menu


Labnol.org Blogger Template

labnol template

Benefits of this template:

  • Seo optimized
  • Fast Loading
  • Customized Search Bar
  • Adsense optimized
  • Simple Design


Spice Up Your Blog Blogger Template

Template Design By: Durai Sankar

Benefits of this template:

  • Build with SEO
  • Attractive Design
  • Superb ads
  • User attractive
  • Subscription widget
  • Left Sidebar
  • Auto read more for webmasters
  • Best for Adsense
  • 93 out of 100 in google page rank
  • Professional
  • Custom fonts


minimun Theme Template

Template Design By: chandeep

Benefits of this template:

  • Nice and Clean Design
  • Responsive Theme Layout
  • Minimal look
  • SEO Optimized
  • Fast loading Theme
  • custom home page layout
  • 2 Navigation Menus
  • Custom About me widget
  • Page navigation Widget
  • Stunning Threaded Comments Section
  • Customized heading tags (h1 to h6)
  • Custom opt-in subscribe form
  • Custom Social Profile widget (home Page)
  • Custom Tables
  • Custom Forms and Buttons


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