Automatic Hide Links From Comments In Blogger

Hello! these days i am providing you with guys this easy tips about a way to hide the links within the comment body. If you hassle with a number of your blog reader who commenting with link on your blog post, therefore here is AN resolution for preventing such irritation from your blog. Prayag Verma announce about hiding link from the comment, it’s employed by jQuery, however here I used CSS for hiding link from the comment body.

Already Blogger sleuthing spam comment attributable to sizable amount of anonymous comment, presently it’s happening during this blog. Anyway because of Blogger service for deleting spam comment automatically from our blog. victimization CSS code, it’ll hide the links within the comment body. therefore is also there’s doubt in your mind that varieties links hide within the comment body?

Automatic Hide Links From Comments In Blogger

How To Add Hide Links From Comments In Blogger/Blog

  • Go to Blogger Dashboard > Template
  • Click on Edit HTML
  • Hit Proceed button
  • Find below code in your template

And Just Simply add below code just above it,

.comment-content a {
    display: none;
  • And your done!
  • Hope you like happy blogging…:)

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  1. Hafeez Khan says:

    Bro Nice post i was searching for this. nice bro well post.

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  2. Tharun Raj says:

    great post andrian.
    Firstly let me congratulate because your alexa ranking went below one lakh. congrats again.
    I need some help from you andrian. When i open your home page the post heading are in captical letters and when it comes to post page it is as your typed. I need help in that case what the code should i change. And also want to know your heading example in this page ” like the post? do share with your friens ” and also ” related articles “. These heading are with blue border and i want to that code and which code should be replacing it in my template. Help me.
    You can also send me the code to thanks in advance waiting for your reply….

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