6 Social Media Analysis Tool That Will Make You Social Media Expert

Social media is emerging as the largest online platform for the businesses to their products and services. It is one of the most effective ways to generate huge traffic and new leads towards your website. A regular online presence on all the major social networking sites like facebook, twitter, pin interest, etc is essential for today’s businesses. It is quite difficult to maintain the online presence on all of these accounts simultaneously.  Thus, with the increasing necessity, there are many software companies introduced different types of social media analysis tools to help you for managing your social presence. These interesting tools make it easy for you to update status on every site, comment on every post, and share lots of things within a moment.


It is the most popular social media management tool for the people and business to execute campaigns throughout multiple social media platforms including facebook, twitter etc from one web-based dashboard. With the help of this tool, you can track your conversation with your customers and can measure campaign results on the web.


It is a free social media search and analysis platform, which allows the user to generate content from around the World Wide Web into a single stream of information. It enables its user to easily explore social media by monitoring more than 100 of social media platforms including Youtube, Digg, Google+ etc. The users can also get social alerts via their emails in order to track and measure their customer’s feedbacks. I personally prefer this tool, I use it to track mentions of my promo codes website.


It is a tool especially compatible for the social networking site Twitter. By linking your followerwonk account with your twitter account you can get different reports for free. With this interesting tool you can analyse your influence scores, followers count and mapped locations of your followers.


This tool is re-constructing the social media experience by giving the excellent and insight services for expanding the businesses. It provides instant and unlimited access to social media conversations for collecting the reviews from the customers about the products and services.


Sprout social is making a great influence on the advertising campaign done through different social media platforms.  It has a feature of a dashboard which enables its user to see the whole landscape before making any post.


This tool helps you to know how well your social media campaigns are performing. It allows its users a complete access to different kinds of tools for measuring the results of the social posts, comments, shares etc.

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  1. Elizabeth Scott says:


    Thank you for this wonderful information. I have many clients who are active Hootsuite users but not as much on the other tools. I will be offering information of these tools to my clients.

  2. anjella martin says:

    A social networking is a social structure made up of a set of actors (such as individuals or organizations) and a complex set of the dyadic ties between these actors.

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