Which is better, Blogger or WordPress?

The blogging may be a sensible hobby and also the best way to share our thought or knowledge within the internet world also build cash through blog. Before making a blog we should always have specific goal regarding the blog we have a tendency to beginning, like what we have a tendency to do for it? that forms of post can publish ahead of people? like those things are ought to unbroken in our mine whereas attending to begin blogging.

At beginning the most of the individuals are mental confusion to pick that is best platform for blogging? As a non empiricism guy can forever select the platform that straightforward to navigate, customise, SEO, design etc. He choose free blogging platform nearly as good call for amateur that’s Blogger.com.

But a professional blogger continuous his blogging through WordPress that is self hosted blog. this is often most distinction between starter and professional blogger.

There are varied platform to begin blogging. however the Blogger and WordPress are the foremost widespread blogging platform. Blogger is that the initial blogging platform started within the net and have revolutionised in publishing articles on the internet world whereas it launched however at an equivalent time the WordPress free with additional customisable than blogger.

Which is better, Blogger or WordPress?

However each ar the simplest platform for blogging than alternative platform on the market within the internet. conjointly supply equally effective search engine improvement whereas Matt Cutts the person behind SEO and head of the Google Webspam team wanting around our blog. Let’s consider the comparison between and disadvantages and drawbacks among the Blogger and WordPress.


Blogger is made by Payra Labs and owned  by Google. It’s launched in august 1999. it’s one amongst the simplest platform to make a blog for beginner and easier to figure in it for amateur also its free. All the information ar keep within the cloud. Anyone with email account will begin blog thereon for free of charge. Majority of the bloggers on the blogger relies on personal use.


  • Free to setup a brand new blog
  • There is no any limitation for the numbers of posts will have in an exceedingly blog.
  • Bloggers will raise something regarding blog in Blogger Product Forum.
  • It’s on the market in fifty completely different languages.
  • Providing free templates and may customise simply through template designer possibility.
  • Bloggers who documented in codding can also produce their own template using CSS.
  • Quick classification within thesearch engine because it may be a Google product.
  • Drag and Drop widget convenience in sidebar and footer.
  • Support multiple administration and no want install any software system, everything will done by on-line.
  • Can simply setup Google Adsense through it for generating revenue.


  • It solely give image and video transfer. No any other kinds of file.
  • Templates aren’t rather more enticing.
  • Google will take away your blog at anytime due any malpractice.
  • Individual pages (main page of a blog or archive pages) are restricted to one MB.
  • It is tough for the newbie to switch the a part of HTML.
  • There is some limitation among a blog.


WordPress is supported by Matt Mullenweg and mike little on may 2003. there’s two service in WordPress ar WordPress.com (that is free) and WordPress.org (Not free) it’s self hosted diary therefore we’d like to spent some cash for hosting. several hosting suppliers ar on the market in net that ar straightforward to put in. it’s content management system (CMS) primarily based  on PHP and MySQL. There ar several options given for self hosted blog than free service.


  • Free to setup a replacement blog on WordPress.com
  • Guest Post is incredibly straightforward.
  • Many SEO plug ins ar on the market to optimize the blog in search engine simply.
  • User will transfer any sorts files. (while Blogger give solely image and video upload)  
  • Drag and Drop widget convenience in sidebar and footer.
  • There is no any limitation for the numbers of posts will have in an exceedingly blog.
  • Support multiple administration.
  • Advance Content Management System.
  • User will simply customise the theme.
  • It’s supply offline redaction of post.


  • You may got to install software system for customisation.
  • Have to pay some cash for enticing themes.
  • Free support is a smaller amount.
  • It’s tough for amateur bloggers.
  • Your blog might hacked due malicious theme or plug in.
  • You may got to pay some cash for WordPress lavatory.


By closing the article you’ve got perceive the difference and higher blogging platform. i am powerfully advocate WordPress for the professional bloggers, at an equivalent time newbie should begin blog on Blogger that is liberated to use. therefore I hope you will like my article well and if you’ve got any doubts, you’ll be able to comment it below.

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