All About Link Building: The Good, The Bad and The Bland

Search engine optimization or SEO is one of the many ways that can help attract online readers to come into a particular website. One of the best ways to do this is through link building. Although search engines such as Google and Yahoo ignore some of the links and do not even use it to rank a particular site, building links still has an adverse effect in its overall ranking. In fact, there are three types of links which SEO experts and webmasters should consider: Seach engine

  • Improves the site’s ranking
  • Impairs the site’s ranking
  • Ignored by search engines

Different Types of Links

In order to use link building to your advantage, the following can help increase or demote a site’s page ranking.

Anchor Texts

Although not exactly a link type, anchor texts or keywords incorporated in a link, are worth including since it signals search engines that the site is a relevant source of information. Normally, company name, page title, ‘click here,’ or any other keywords contained in the H1 or article title that might be useful when searching for a particular topic, can be included as anchor texts. But keywords in the H1 or article title should still make sense when read by the readers.

Reciprocal Links

Reciprocal links are one of the tested and oldest SEO technique. Although it does not have any effect on keyword ranking of a particular website, recently, there have been issues with this type of link building. For instance, an online reader would search for information about furniture dealers in Los Angeles. While Google is able to show all the relevant information needed, a link leading to online typing jobs will be shown in the search page. Despite this issue, which remains a puzzle to many, manipulative reciprocal linking schemes such as automated link trading programs or three-way or four-way links should still be avoided. Search engines can easily detect this pattern which in effect, lowers the site’s overall ranking.

Directory Links

Being included in the directory has a purpose. However, a website owner must consider whether directory links can help enhance the site’s visibility and status and send the right amount of traffic needed by the website. Otherwise, search engines have a tendency to ignore directory links where it only asks for payment, hence a waste of money.

Links from Blog or Content Networks

Utilizing links in content or blogs means being able to identify a particular blog or website that have links to other websites. In this case, bloggers and site owners will link the content posted to other pages whose ranks the want to improve. Also, SEO experts also use content networks as part of advanced schemes such as link wheels. While it became an effective SEO tool, Google started to give a lower ranking on websites who uses this kind of link building. The problem arose when content networks became a venue for low quality articles and article spinning by some website owners. As a result, Google will send a suspicious link notification where the site owner is unable to remove the content posted.

Press Release Links

To be truly effective, press releases should be used as a component of media relations campaign such as submission of original stories or community service activities. Otherwise, it can be considered as duplicate content that can be penalized.

Apps and Badges

Building back links through apps and badges are considered by search engines as dubious which do not equate to relevance. To capitalize on this as a promotional tool, add a NoFollow to any of the links to prevent being ignored.

Social Media

This is one of the best ways to build a great link source. In employing social media, site owners should consider the relationship of networking sites to search engines which can influence the results and personalized rankings. Despite the ups and downs of using these links, site owners should bear in mind the importance of coming up with an original and quality content while incorporating links in a creative and sensible manner in order to increase its site’s page rankings.

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  1. Great work Adrian! its really useful to us thanks for sharing

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  2. Victor Noah says:

    Yes! Exactly as you’ve said bro Lucernes. Link build is the first thing any Blogger should think of, it really help us rank well on search engines like google, and moreover, search engine spiders like crawling your link elsewhere. Thanks for sharing these great information.

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  3. Angela McCall says:

    Hi Adrian,

    I’m not big on SEOs specially when I know that Google is changing their Penguin and Panda to a much more complicated crawling robots. Majority of my traffic comes from referrals. Links from Social Media such as Twitter, Facebook, Google Plus are good also. What I do really is CONCENTRATE on writing QUALITY content and the SEOs will follow itself no matter what change Google does. Anyway, have a great week.


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  5. awesome work Adrian, points you mentioned very simple and stright forward. off optimization is very tough now a days spl. google panda update imagine our blog / website over night all things turn upside down. so, always avoid black hat seo and try to follow the points about adrian mentioned and get real organic traffic.

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    @charanYour appreciation is very important for me dear. Actually this article written by our guest poster Alice McLean. Stay with us for latest updates..Cheers!

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