Characteristics of a Ideal Keyword

Keyword is regarding the most vital part of SEO and everybody is finding out the perfect keyword that may get the $$ returning in. each blogger or webmaster out there is aware of this and that i have continually asked myself, what creates an ideal keyword? What are the characteristics that make a keyword perfect?

I am attending to attempt to answer this question during a very simple manner so you’ll know it higher. a good data of an ideal keyword is that the commencement in selecting the correct keyword or phrase for your website that is a vital part of the search engine optimization method to create your site additional visible to search engines and searchers alike.


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Here’s The Characteristics of an ideal Keyword:
Basically there are four characteristics of an ideal keyword; i will be able to attempt to make a case for them in details below.

High Traffic:

An ideal keyword may be a keyword that has the flexibility to come up with a high quantity of traffic monthly. despite how smart a keyword is, if it cannot generate high traffic, it’s pretty much as good as useless. Don’t waste some time on it. It’s frustrating to analysis, compose, publish and promote an article and nobody is finding out it.

So guarantee to decide on a keyword with affordable quantity of monthly searches. I commonly use Google Keyword Tools for this purpose. I commonly target keywords with actual search of 3k and on top of monthly.

Low Competition:

The right keyword should be one with a high quantity of traffic however low competition therefore you’ll simply rank for such keyword. attempting to rank for a high competitive keyword can merely get your article lost within the inner pages of the search engine results. even though you successfully rank for a high competitive keyword, however long does one suppose you’ll stay up there before you’re come into being from the highest spot?

So select keywords with low competition and high traffic therefore you’ll simply rank for it. alternative factors to consider before selecting an ideal keyword includes PR of your competitive  pages, number of indexed pages of such web site, number of backlinks to the page etc. I commonly use SEOquake to see this before i choose any keyword to rank for.

High CPC:

An ideal keyword should be able to generate a high monthly traffic and may even have a low competition with a high commercial value. Most bloggers are into this business to create cash and selecting simply the correct keyword will make the distinction between who is earning high and who isn’t. I sometimes verify the CPC of a keyword before selecting it. Why do you have to select a keyword with commercial value in cents once you will truly select another and earn in dollars?

The cost per click CPC of a keyword may be a important issue to contemplate whereas selecting the right keyword for your post.


This is often last and most significant of the characteristics of an ideal keyword. despite however you thought-about the on top of points in selecting your good keyword, such keyword should be relevant to the body of the article you’re using it on. You can’t select a keyword like cars whereas you’re truly writing regarding dogs. That relevancy should be maintained, therefore select a keyword that best matches your product or services so as to stand a bigger chance of converting. Let the keyword naturally fit your content.


Keywords ar the key factors of SEO and choosing and selecting the right keyword is that the success formula however choosing a bad keyword end finish your website’s online life. thus use this article as a guide in selecting the right keyword to use. You may not simply realize a keyword which will match all the characteristics mentioned during this article, however a minimum of you’ll realize keywords with most of those qualities.  I hope you’ve got found this article interesting enough to assist you select the right keyword next time you’ll be deciding that keyword to use.

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