The Most Common Reasons Why You Are Not a Productive Blogger?

Have you noticed  what you’re doing along with your blog ? No. does one have the passion for Blogging ?  Be Honest. There area unit several blogs established everyday however most of them are only for fun, a number of them are created to earn cash. Some area unit created to assist the opposite individuals.

reason why you are not a productive blogger

What kind of blog do you have ?

You will be questioning why i’m talking regarding this stuff. are you ? Most of individuals begin their blog with a passion. however presently their passion starts happening to the amount. the explanation behind it might be that they’re not the productive Bloggers. i’m continuation, they’re not the PRODUCTIVE BLOGGERs. Even they’re attempting their best within the field. however still unsuccessful. Let me take an example of it. Suppose you have got your a pizza Company. Sounds good ! you’re creating nice effort for the business. the next On ensuing door, there’s the Dominos.

You bought a competitor ?

No one can purchase from you. Instead they’re going to visit Dominos for his or her pizza pie party  . Why ? as a result of they’re doing hard furthermore as sensible work for his or her business, however not you.

The same factor happens with Blogging. There are several nice and successful Bloggers. And you’re additionally a blogger. Then why you’re untouched with the success ?  What stops you achieving the success?

Today i’m having some points listed with the topic. These can tell why you’re not a Productive Blogger.

You are not giving it time

Either you’re a district time blogger otherwise you don’t have enough time for Blogging. however if you are trying you’ll animal disease one or two hours of blogging from your busy schedule.

You are Facebook addict

The main reason for not having  the time is that you just are disbursement most of the time on Facebook. In alternative word you’re a Facebook addict. Once you open the profile and it won’t allow you to escape from it. Avoid the Addiction to Facebook and be dependent towards your blog. as a result of a foul Facebook Addict might be a very great Blogger. Point to be noted!

Beside Learning you’re thinking for Earning

The newbie bloggers continually get failure within the starting. They run when the  earning  beside the fundamental learning. Some individuals have a habit of checking their Adsesne financial gain in each half hour .Also waits for next click . this might be a foul approach for earning. Before begin earn cash, you must understand the fundamental of the sphere. Once you have got the knowledge, your pocket can begin filling with $$  🙂

You don’t have time management

Every Blogger should have the right schedule for the work. Blogging is simply like a business if you’re serious regarding it. If you would like to possess passive financial gain from blogging, they you must treat it like a business and suppose like a businessman. as a result of productive bloggers area unit those that performs a lot of  in terribly less time. they have to be having a schedule for them to figure.

You don’t have any interest with it

One more reason for your failure isn’t having the topic of interest. If you’re selecting a topic that is out of your interest , then it’s extremely counseled to avoid it. select a topic during which you have got some experience.

Your blog is facing a lot of competition

One of that reason that you just aren’t having the reader and audience for your blog is that you just have a high competitive  niche. and a few blogs area unit already having the authority therein niche. In such case you need to be a lot of productive and artistic in order that you’ll additionally build an area for you within the blogosphere.

The Funny however True Reason

You’re not having a decent internet connection. because some time a slow connection extremely sucks and your most of the time is wasted in slow surfing. this can be one in every of the most reasons to be an unproductive Blogger  . I am gonna change my internet connection .

These were the small points that a Blogger should confine mind to overtake the obstacles within the manner of turning into a decent Blogger.

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