Is Facebook Ruining Our Lives – Infographic

Facebook is that the most well liked Social network web site these days. whether or not it’s a school guy, a university student or the employee during a company, everybody  opens the Facebook profile at least once in each 0.2 hour to check whether or not he or she got a new message or notification or there’s a new friend request. But have you ever thought however Facebook ruins our life everyday. these days the addiction to Facebook is at its highest levels. If you wish to quit from it, It won’t allow you to escape from it .
It’s a reality. you’ll strive it!
Here is that the Infographic for the topic “Is Facebook ruining our lives?”  This Infographic shows the highest three criticisms of the Facebook that are occurring in our everyday life.
However Facebook some edges additionally. however the a lot of Impact of Facebook is in class and college students. they’re spending less time on their studies and stay stuck to the Facebook.
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Infographic courtesy of : WhoIsHostingThis

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