11 Best Powerful Tips To Drive Targeted Traffic To Your Blog/Website

There are hundreds of blog posts regarding blogging tips. therefore it’s terribly exhausting to put in writing a singular blogging tips post. That’s why I took over 3 months to put in writing this post. I collected much info throughout that period. once reading this post you’ll recognize a minimum of 2 or 3 blogging tips you would possibly not heard earlier. therefore don’t miss one word during this post.


Top Blogging Tips

There are such a big amount of advantages you’ll gain by doing a blog. That’s why almost each blogger attempt to become a successful blogger.

#1. Maintain a unique writing style

Writing is that the main a part of blogging. perpetually attempt to maintain a unique expressive style. which means though you didn’t mention who is that the author, your readers are ready to identify the author once reading the post. That’s the unique writing style.

You really need to know that “Good Content gets read and nice Content gets shared“. this is often one thing you must forever keep in mind. nobody can hesitate to share one thing that’s worthwhile. Right? therefore why don’t you create one thing worthwhile. Kill it along with your content and confirm you’ve got the flexibility to force your readers to share it on their social networks before leaving the post.

#2. Content isn’t the only King

Content is that the king. there’s little question that. however king can’t do something without queen, soldiers and other things. It is same as blogging. You can’t do something with only king. also as you can’t play this blogging game while not king. So quality content is extremely important. also as following things are very important.

#3. Guest Blogging

It’s one thing I continually like to do. Be the Guests on other blogs, write for them and get a link back from the post for Traffic and a few Juice. Guest Posting is one effective way to increase your Social Presence, get your name informed other blogs and become popular on the Blogosphere. The more you write on other blogs, the more you get seen. you would like to focus on Authority blogs on an equivalent, related niche and roll out killer content to create every post worthwhile. you’ll be able to really grab their readers by Guest Posting on other blogs and place them right at yours.

Try to popularize every Guest Posts by sharing it together with your readers, obtaining additional engagement to the post to urge yourself on the top of the popular posts list in order that the probabilities of your post getting read increases. If you would like to be my guest and write for us, don’t forget to check out this link.

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#4. Unique blog design

In 2013, blog style plays a serious role in your blogging game.

  • Purchase a premium WordPress theme.
  • Then hire someone to redesign it. If you have got a good PHP knowledge you’ll know yourself.

Try to style your blog as a unique journal. If your blog style isn’t engaging new guests may leave your blog while not reading even one post.

#5. First Readers, Then Money

Many new bloggers attempt to build cash from the first day itself they launched the blog. that’s quite common mistake new bloggers do. You should offer valuable things for your readers before creating money. Forget cash. produce a valuable blog for readers. Then you’ll be able to place confidence in cash.

#6. Seldom accept Guest Post

Many bloggers accept plenty of guest posts once obtaining high PR, they forget that guest posts will kill their blogs. The factor you ought to know is, accept only top quality guest posts. Don’t forget that your blog should have your posts over guest posts.

#7.Search Engine Optimization

The traditional manner of driving organic traffic online, SEO. Optimize your blog/website for Search Engines and show yourself on search results. the reality is that, 60 minutes of the organic traffic are going to be bounced away. But, you don’t wanna miss some real readers, Right? confirm you optimize blog posts for search engines before publishing it.

Another issue that helps you to rank higher is that the range of websites linking to you. therefore try and build a lot of back links and mind your Page rank.

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#8. Blog Relationships

In my earlier stage of blog, I conjointly thought that blog relationship isn’t important much. currently i do know blog relationships is extremely important over new bloggers care concerning it. It extremely helps to drive a lot of traffic also as build cash. Not only that, however conjointly you’ll get such a big amount of blessings by building blog relationships.

#9. No Writing is better Than Writing low quality Posts

Never write low quality posts. a low quality post will destroy nearly your blog. That’s why “no writing is better than writing low quality posts”. Sometimes you’re unable to update your blog because of some reasons like your exams, high studies, etc.

If you don’t have enough time to put in writing posts, don’t write. you’ll be able to publish a post what you have got written a little time back otherwise you can invite your friends to put in writing a guest post.

#10. Blog Commenting

Blog commenting is very important more than you think concerning it particularly if you’re a brand new blogger. the start, journal commenting is that the best way to begin relationships with alternative bloggers also on drive a trifle traffic.

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#11. Forums And Social Media

There are many people out there who don’t realize your blog yet. surf riding across social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Google+. Why don’t you reach them out by being a lot of active on these wonderful platforms? have interaction on hot topics and share your posts on crowded  Facebook groups and communities. attempt Bloggers United Circle on Google+ for sharing your post and obtaining some engagement to it.

Forums are a good way to drive traffic to your blog by merely beginning new threads and providing your web log link as the supply. try and facilitate others by replying to threads with reasonable content to achieve some attention on these forums. confirm you’ve got your website link on your profile. Get the list of 500+ Forums to have interaction.


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