How to Add Value for Readers in Your Blog Posts

Despite the explosion in popularity of social media in recent years, particularly as an alternative to traditional blogging, it is not as if what might be considered old-school blogs are obsolete and worthless.

In fact, the opposite is true. While businesses might focus on their social media output and how many followers or retweets they’re earning on a daily basis, the fact is that a traditional blog still remains the best way to connect with existing and potential customers.

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Why Blogging Still Works

Although social media proves popular, with people getting busier all the time we have to consider that those who use it tend to dip in and out and not spend a great deal of time reading content, particularly on the move. Instead, these people are catching up with friends or family members, and making personal plans.

Away from this, there are people who find the time to sit down in the evening and will read their favorite blogs, articles, or other editorial content. However, these readers will only come back, or prioritize reading your content during the times when they’re in a hurry, if you’re offering them real value. This is why blogging still works. Aside from the well-known SEO benefits, people do still want in depth, detailed guidance, advice, and opinion from the content they read, whatever the subject.

There’s a big difference between providing a collection of words for the sake of it, and writing something of real value. How can you write to always achieve the latter?

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Steer Clear of the Obvious

Yes, you have your niche category that you’re an expert within, but even your biggest fans are going to get bored if you’re talking about the same thing every day. Look to make around 25% of your posts something unexpected and offbeat; you’ll keep your existing readers on their toes and attract plenty of new ones, too.

Write Your Own Stuff

This might sound an obvious tip, but we’re talking more in terms of your inspiration and ideas rather than out and out plagiarism. Go looking for blogs today, and it’s easy to find dozens of them that are just rehashed versions of something in the mainstream media.

If you’re blogging as a credible expert in your niche, then you should know enough to have your own opinions and ideas. Yes, use mainstream writers as a basis for what you do, but don’t just repeat what they’ve said using different words.

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Offer Solutions Without Selling

At the end of the day, blogging is still a content marketing exercise, and if you’re not making money either through ad clicks or through your readers making enquiries or buying something from you, then you’re failing in your objectives.

However, you don’t want your blogs to sound like a sales pitch. Ensure you create inspirational calls to action without blowing your own trumpet for 650 words.

Direct Your Readers Elsewhere

We’re not saying you should point your readers to your direct competitors, but by giving them links within your content to other authority sites, you’re adding real value to their experience as well as proving that you are a worthy expert and thought leader. There’s nothing wrong with pointing readers elsewhere, as long as you’re adding to their experience and motivating them to return to your site.

Value is King

Time is short for people like never before, and as such they are being very particular about the content they read online. Add as much value as possible to everything you write, and you’ll ensure your blog is bookmarked and prioritized no matter how little time a person may have.

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