Best 5 free CDN for your website

A Content Delivery Network (CDN) is made up of a number of servers that are connected and stationed in different data centers. It makes online content more accessible and high performance. It is a little like the wheelbarrow that brings the apples to market, where a CDN could be described as a number of wheelbarrows laden with apples.

The aim of CDN is to improve the accessibility of your website. It does this by caching data, through decreasing access latency and increasing the access bandwidth. So it may cache data such as css, text files, mp3, images, etc. A CDN is good for people who have a lot of visitors every month. Instead of losing visitors because of the website/server being down or because the website is inaccessible, the CDN allows people to continue visiting.

A free CDN may increase loading speeds and delivery by having the closest server load the website user’s content. This reduces loading time and delivery time, and means that is your website suddenly has blanket popular times across your country, that your website will not become inaccessible at those times. Sometimes, using a free CDN is a good way of checking to see if you would benefit from subscribing to a CDN full time.

1 – CoBlitz

This service will scale larger files from a server and do it over a content delivery network. It is an HTTP content delivery network which will not require any sort of modification to either your server or clients. This is because all of the necessary support will be located on its content delivery network. You have to add certain things to the end of your URLs in order to be able to use the CDN. You will have to check their website in order to get full details on what to do and how to do it.

2 – Incapsula

This service offers security and performance and all for free. They also provide services the websites of any size. You need to make a DNS change, and your web traffic will be routed through the incapsula global distribution network. The network is said to be filled with a number of very high-powered servers.

It also has paid functions such as a security protocol that will protect you against online threats. Threats such as multi-Gigabit attacks. If you check the website, they claim that the process is very easy to set up and will only take five minutes to add your website to the content delivery network.

3 – CloudFlare

They advertise themselves as being able to save you around sixty percent of your server bandwidth, which is most likely an average estimate based upon the idea that over 50% of your content will be static content. The service does not make charges to your bandwidth either, under the ethos that every website should be a fast one.

This free CDN has twenty servers and they are stationed around the world. It works to cache static files so that the files are stored closer to the potential users. The service uses technology that will route the user to the closest data centre/server in order to increase the load time of your website. This is going to be more convenient for your users.

4 – JsDelivr

This is both a CDN and a free hosting service. It allows the users to host a JavaScript without having to pay. There are thirteen server locations (though it does not mention if that means thirteen servers), and will support JavaScript’s for things such as content management system based websites. It allows you to speed up your website by increasing the loading speed of potentially weighty JavaScript elements.

5 – Coral Content Distribution Network

This is a free CDN which is also an open content delivery system. They also call themselves a distribution network. It has a peer-to-peer function. It uses a world-wide network of web proxies and name servers. The content is then bounced around different people with the intention of making the content delivery faster. In essence it lowers the effect of having lots of people looking at your website at one time.

It allows you to publish content via their system if you add “” to the end of your page URLS. You may also create and publish a website and add onto the host name in order to benefit from their CDN services. Check the CoralCDN website in order to find out more about how to take advantage of their CDN.

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