Top 8 Tools Every Successful Blogger Should Use

Blogging is influential, helpful and powerful, which is why we see more and more people benefiting from it daily. However to have your blog acknowledged, promoted and made more interactive, below we list down some 10 essential tools you must make use of, to make your blog stand out from the rest.

You may have great content but don’t be surprised when you see low traffic and an empty comment box. Stock up your blog with the following tools and we guarantee you an increased traffic. Quickly skim through this blog to help your own!

The power of Word Press!

Ok so you want to start a blog. Where do you go? One of the obvious choices we recommend is WordPress. It is one of the most user friendly, flexible and secure tool available for the blogging purpose. Take things step by step, you may come across functions new to you, but let it not scare you. Test and learn as you go along. The possibilities are endless and so much fun!

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Google analytics:

Tools like these are a treat for those who are eager to see instant results. You can get instant gratification by using this tool to see the traffic on your blog, posts and analyze what post receives the biggest hits. Having such instant, reliable and fast data is a blessing for all the hungry bloggers who eagerly wait for such results. Oh! And here’s the cherry on top: It’s free!

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This acts like a traffic cop to your site. Although it does cost you a bit but it’s a valuable asset none the less. Why? Because it monitors each and every progress of your site, tracks uptime, downtime performance and with that insight you have helpful information to further polish up your blog.


Every photo stock :

If you’re desperate to find best suitable images for your blog free of charge, then you need to land on this tool. It’s easy to use, can be accessible through twitter and also allows you to manage your own fan page. Try adding images that best suit your blog, readers love looking at relevant pictures. They say a picture is worth a thousand words. Imagine the worth of your blog after a few great images!



Quantcaste is basically the audience measurement tool which shows the result on real time. Now you can connect with the people who matter the most to you, with Quantcaste.


It has been the home of high PR for Social Bookmarking. You can keep, share and discover the related blogs here easily, adding richness and variety to your topics of interest. If that is not delicious then we don’t know what is!



If you want your readers to interact with you by stunning quizzes, polls and surveys then Polldaddy is a great choice. Get the answers from your readers and share them right away on your fan pages.



Sendible automatically updates all your posts on Facebook, twitter and to all other social websites effortlessly. So you can save the effort of updating your posts at from multiple platforms. This saves time, works efficiently and posts for you while you are away vacationing. A great way to stay connected to your fans and followers.

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