5 Best Tips to Improve Your Computer Performance

As you continue to use your computer, you will notice a gradual decrease in the speed and general performance. The experience can be quite frustrating, particularly during the urgent tasks. There are many contributing issues.

The following are the top five causes and the recommended solutions.

1. Unnecessary Programs

Sometimes there are just too many programs that load during the start-up. While some are system programs that are necessary for successful start-up and operation, a number are unnecessary and just overload the RAM. The common ones include iTunes helper, printer settings and program updaters.
The primary solutions include; Download a cleaner to disable or completely delete the unnecessary programs. A useful cleaner is the CCleaner. Use the windows default procedure for start-up program management. However, ensure you follow the right procedure, or consult a computer expert. You can call the tech support numbers for assistance.

2. Bloatware

Bloatware, also known as crapware are unnecessary programs that are initially loaded by the computer manufacturer. They include Help menusAds Additional services and products offered by the computer manufacturer Application trials: The trials later on request for payments for full registration.
The solution is to uninstall the programs. However, take care as not to remove useful programs. These include audio, video, control and network applications. To be on the safe side, call the manufacturers’ tech support numbers for assistance.

3. Insufficient RAM

Having insufficient RAM will significantly slow down the computer, especially as you continue to add on applications and store media. A RAM upgrade is quite inexpensive but highly effective. The recommended medium amount should be about 4 GB; anything lower should be upgraded. This however requires input from a qualified computer technician.
As mentioned, the only solution is to perform an upgrade. There are various online tools that gauge your computer’s RAM requirements then the recommended allocation. Note that this is quite a cheap but worthwhile change.

4. Infections

Malware and viruses take up most of the computer speed and space through the running in the background. They are usually seeking various ways to multiply and access the internet. Others simply duplicate the existing files on your hard drive, leading to overloading. While the programs you are running may seem few and light, the malware routinely performs background activities.
Getting rid of the malware and viruses significantly improves performance and speed. Follow the following procedure.
Uninstall old and unregistered antivirus applications Install recommended and reputable antivirus programs that have a low memory imprint. Perform a routine full scan, as well as scans on removable media Ensure that the program is registered and frequently upgraded. This ensures that you are up to date with the latest malware and viruses.

5. Temporary Files

There are various auto-save allocations in windows. This includes files and pages from the internet, word processing files and program installs. They are saved on the hard disk and take up valuable space without your knowledge.
The only solution is to install cleaners, since manual clean-up can be quite cumbersome and risky for non-professionals. The programs are available for a fee of course. Concentrate on the reputable applications with the minimal advertising. The overhyped and over-advertised varieties tend to be quite ineffective or fake links to malware.


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