Why Newbie Bloggers Can’t Make Money on Blogging

Blogs within the blogosphere have positively accumulated and lots of additional blogs are going to be obtaining launched over the coming years. Seeing this increasing competition some people suppose that make money from blogging isn’t simple for them. I even have seen that some bloggers quit blogging in a pair of to three months that is simply because they thought blogging to be simple however it didn’t happen for them. There are various reasons due to which blogging isn’t meant for everybody.
Why Bloggers Can't Make Money From Blogging

Here are few of the explanations that make money from blogging not appropriate for everybody


Make money from blogging isn’t simple as a result of everybody doesn’t have enough patience needed to become a successful blogger. If you think that you just have good patience then blogging is also good for you otherwise you’ll be just wasting your time. although you’re not capable to get revenue from your blog after six months you shouldn’t quit as longer is also needed for monetizing a new blog. If you may keep patient you’ll see increasing traffic to your blog and success will automatically come to you.

Choosing a Wrong Strategy for Blogging

If you don’t have smart knowledge of blogging and you climb on to becoming a blogger then you’ll have many difficulties in getting success as a blogger. Some people select a wrong blogging strategy and end up making no profits even once trying for a year or more. Bloggers get success from blogging in the main because of their distinctive ways that you’ll haven’t completed until now. make cash from blogging can never be simple for you if you don’t choose the correct strategy. Targeting the right keywords and selecting the most effective strategy is incredibly necessary if you would like success from blogging.

Very Less Participation in Blogging Community

With the increasing variety of bloggers there’s definitely a good chance to move with several bloggers who have blogs associated with your blog niche. make money from blogging isn’t simple for few people as they ne’er get time to remain active in blogging community. As a blogger you must perpetually stay very active within the blogging community. you must always move with different bloggers within the blogging community. a lot of interaction with different bloggers can bring a lot of comments and a lot of social media shares which may be very helpful.

Over optimization

SEO are a few things which each standard individual might not understand. Before beginning a new blog you must try and get basic knowledge of SEO. If you may do over optimization then Google will penalise your blog. Over optimisation can simply completely destroy your blog as your posts won’t get ranked because of this over optimization.

The right means for any new blogger are going to be getting all the fundamental information of SEO and then starting a blog. make money from blogging isn’t simple for any new blogger who has no SEO knowledge as he could positively do over optimization.


Make money from blogging isn’t simple as some people suppose that blogging could be a nice source to earn money. Some people don’t notice that blogging needs ton of information and blogging might not be the correct activity for them unless they get good knowledge regarding it.

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  1. Hi Lucernas ,
    I agree with you..but I wanna say its really frustrate newbie blogger when they can’t make money blogging.
    I’ve often seen bloggers once rejected by Ads Networks quit blogging rather then improving themselves..
    Great write mate ! this gonna be eye opener for many..:)

    • Lucernas Adrian says:

      Yep, you’re definitely right because they are thinking about money and they doesn’t know that on blogging they need a hard work and patience to success and to make money on blogging..

  2. it’s been a year that i keep on rolling over to this activity. But until now, I don’t know where to go or what will be the outcome. Hope you can help me bro. thanks a lot

  3. good article bro.. some people really think that earning from blogging is easy.. but actually it is easy.. you need some goals,, small step every moment to keep you up.. remember you are what you think..
    if your goal is to become a millionaire through blogging then it is tough, and might let you quit,… but if your goal is to earn little by little.. then it will keep you up.. blogging is not just overnight. 🙂

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