Why is Whatsapp so hard to break?

War has broken out in the world of free messaging apps. Several competitors have risen to challenge Whatsapp’s popularity. In our opinion, there never was a war. The reason for this is the advantages Whatsapp has over other free messaging apps. And just what are these advantages? Let’s have a look:


No Costs

One of the major reasons why Whatsapp was able to beat traditional messaging was the reduced cost it came at. You just have to download the app and you can send and receive messages for free if your mobile subscription includes a data package. If your device is able to a Wi-Fi network, you can send and receive messages free of cost. It isn’t until you’ve used the app for a year that you have to cough up a little more than a dollar, for an entire year’s worth of use!

More options for Content

For traditional messages, text is the most common way of communication. Whatsapp however offers you a variety of other options in which you can send and receive a message. You can include mages, videos, audio files, contacts, your location and a number of emoticons in your messages. Sending and receiving messages through multimedia is unreliable. However, Whatsapp is the perfect alternative for sending rich text messages.

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Confirmation of messages that are sent and received

When you send a message via Whatsapp, a check mark appears on the corner signifying that the message has been sent successfully. The app doesn’t stop here. When the sent message is delivered to the recipient another check mark appears. Both the check marks are used to keep a track of sent messages. The second check mark however doesn’t mean that the recipient has read the message. It just points towards a successful delivery.

Easier Group Chats                                                       

Other chat apps do offer this feature but Whatsapp has the easiest group chat. You can choose a number of people to send a message to. Be it your team mates or your family members, you just have to add people in a conversation and the message will be sent to all of them. Everyone in the loop is going to receive that message. Unlike many other apps, the group chat feature in Whatsapp sends a message to all the people in the loop without any glitches.


Simplicity might be the feature that has made Whatsapp a crowd favorite. Compared to other apps, Whatsapp has been designed very neatly. Other apps do come with a long list of features but they are a bit difficult to use. Whatsapp has been designed keeping in mind that beauty lies in simplicity.


Since its launch in 2009, Whatsapp has never indulged in a superficial or cheap marketing strategy to increase its popularity unlike Kik and WeChat. It has also turned its back towards several offers of acquisitions from the like of tech giants like Facebook and Google. Although it can be argued that it’s plagued by issues of malware, hackers and infiltration through whatsapp spy like elements, the app is still the best that we have seen in the market.


Whatsapp still takes up a decent share of the market. It is especially popular among teens of United States and India. Irrespective of operating systems, more and more smartphone users are on Whatsapp. That means it is easier to communicate with your friends and family when everyone is on the same platform.


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  1. That’s really a informative post. What’s is the best app to go for conservation chat. Android is developing day by day. We know important what’s app is.. Other apps like skype, viber are also good to use. Thanks for you post

  2. Natty very informative article on Whatsapp…………. It is very true that day by day fans of Whats app are increasing…….

  3. Nice post Natty. Whatsapp is really a good messenger. Let’s see how it gives competition to BBM which is going to release.

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