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On October 7, 2013
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imonomy has developed technology that scans the text from web pages, and automatically matches relevant images to the written content.

Have you ever found yourself with several browser tabs open while blogging, looking for references, pictures or related information to support? You almost certainly have. Wouldn’t it be great if that information came to you while you were writing? this might not only save you time, however additionally would jumpstart your creativeness since you wouldn’t have to stop your thought method to navigate far from your work.

before imonomy and after

imonomy strives to assist bloggers with this every day. It works on most browsers and blogging platforms, creating it much universal – excellent for bloggers.

How Imonomy Helps You, The Blogger

  • Adds high-quality, free images to your web pages, which are all related to your content.
  • Images are visual cues that allow users to easily connect to content and stay more engaged on the page.
  • imonomy also comes equipped with an interactive widget that appears dynamically on the page as users navigate
  • imonomy’s free widget displays a selection of content related posts from within the website, as well as contextually-based ads, which allow publishers to effectively monetize their web pages.

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imonomy’s Image Enrich Your Content

  • imonomy developed the first ever Visual Semantic Engine. This unique technology automatically reads and understands text from web pages and matches the most suitable, high-quality image to fit the page.
  • imonomy has a database of tens of millions of copyright-free images, all available for imonomy publishers

Versatile across blogging platforms

  • imonomy runs on most blogging, and content management platforms. Publishers are able to grab imonomy’s JavaScript code by hitting the “Get Started” button on the imonomy website.
  • imonomy is free to use, and no commitment is required from publishers to get started.

How to install the plugin?

For Blogger users:

You simply have to be compelled to visit the Imonomy web site, enter your details and take your code. Then you’ll be able to add the code to your blog template in head section to begin showing Imonomy on your blog.

For WordPress users:

You are able to install the “Custom Headers and Footers Plugin” on your blog. then you’ll be able to place the code within the head section provided by that plugin.

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For alternative platform users:

Imonomy will be utilized by alternative platform users too. however it’s not really easy to induce the work done because it is with Blogger and WP. however you’ll be able to raise your queries and acquire facilitate from the team at any time.


Imonomy is an excellent tool for any blogger, in spite of your experience, topic or frequency of blogging. If you blog, plan to blog, or even need to induce into blogging, try Imonomy – I guarantee you won’t be disappointed.
What is your experience with Imonomy? Has it improved your blogging experience? does one have any further tips in using Imonomy?

imonomy has developed technology that scans the text from web pages, and automatically matches relevant images to the written content.

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  1. Arun Prasath says:

    Imonomy is really awesome, I added it to my blog. Thanks for introducing such a website 🙂

  2. Babul Jha says:

    TThanks for the information i searches a lot on google for the images which are relevant and unique to but it is hard as you know. I think this will help me a lot 😀

  3. Great tool for every bloggers.
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