What Does it Mean to be an Entrepreneur

The basic definition of entrepreneur is a person who manages, operates and helps to organize a business which has factors of financial risks in it. Therefore it is safe to say that entrepreneur is an individual having qualities like leadership, creativity and innovation with respect to service providing and manufacturing. Risk factor is always there in a business but what it really means to be an entrepreneur is to manage a business with calculated risk factor that maybe involved in I at any point. The planning and researching all the factors involving transaction is what makes an entrepreneur different than a business man. An entrepreneur looks at a business in an innovative way. He approaches each and every action with great timing and hard work is always a basic reason of it success.

Image source: http://ventureburn.com/

Image source: http://ventureburn.com/

Following are some points that will give you a rough idea of what being an entrepreneur means:

Why starting a business?

An entrepreneur starts a business not ‘just’ for the sake of financial gains. He takes and accepts the role of being leader in a society and providing a stage or platform for different individual to work in collaboration with each other for the financial, economic and social gains. One of the duties of an entrepreneur is to make sure that their community and staff is satisfied with the way things are being handled. Providing them with a perfect environment for building their careers and climbing up is what is considered satisfaction for staff and in turn the community at large associated with the business.

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Being their Own Boss

Being an entrepreneur requires one to build a business with all its work required to a level that it can be operational and then hiring a team to perform different tasks as required. It is like being your own boss and do work on an idea that you yourself planned and created. A good entrepreneur knows every nip and tuck of a business he is planning to do. It is like if one of your employees goes away during a work load, an entrepreneur must be fully capable to take his seat and perform the task with efficiency.

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Problem Solver

An entrepreneur is about problem solving and as a result bucking up the society towards a right path. There are many problems one encounters in their daily life and an entrepreneur means solving those problems. An entrepreneur looks at a society and pin points the problems in it and finds means and ways to solve them with their innovative and creative ideas. These ideas should a help a society to fix those problems as a result.

Linking Business with Passion

A business linked with purpose and passion is what makes a business prosper without any bounds. Resilience and determination require belief in one’s self and that belief is strengthened when your business is dealt with sense of purpose and passion. This is without any doubt a fact that more you are involved in a work better the performance and outcome will be.

Eyes of Innovation

Being an entrepreneur does not means any way to start a new idea but it is about starting a new or existing line of business with innovative idea. Every business has a room for innovation; an eye of entrepreneur tagged with innovation is what creates a better business idea. Business is an idea and information, combined together to get benefit from. Innovation is the key to success.

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  1. Entrepreneurs who solve people’s problems in an innovative way have been successful so far. It is pretty easy to succeed if we create solutions to pressing problems.

    And yes, passion is a very important ingredient and without it the whole point loses its meaning. A business with no passion will not last for a long time!

    Thanks for sharing Scharyar.

    • Thank you for the comments Jane. When businesses are run with passion and touch of responsibility, without any doubt things get better for the businessman and the community as well.

  2. Chip Paulson says:

    For me, being an entrepreneur is a realistic way to grasp at freedom. You only have yourself to hold accountable for both your successes and failures, and your ability to persevere and create solutions are both consistently pushed to the limit and, sometimes, rewarded. Tons of fun 🙂

    I`ll be so bold as to state as to say that this is the natural progression for those who truly want to excel in a given field and are smart with their money. Work hard, live frugally and invest your hard earned dollars so they buy you freedom down the road. The skills you learned while working could give you direction as well. Mastered the art of cooking? Open a restaurant and train your chefs to do it your way!

  3. Thank you for sharing excellent ideas to become an enterpreneur. Yes an enterpreneur is innovator, investor, employer, risk taker, good planner, leader and decision maker. He must perform multiple tasks

  4. Susan Velez says:

    Hi scharyar,

    I personally think that being an entrepreneur is great. You no longer have to take orders from a boss and you can work whenever you want.

    Although sometimes I find myself working harder now. I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

    I think that if you can solve people’s problems then you have found an avenue that will pay off. Great article and I hope you have a great day.

    • Thank you Susan. Yup… Being one’s own boss and implementing those innovative ideas that one gets while doing a job, not only open new doors for one’s self, but it also bring that social change in a community that is very much required for this world we live in.

      Thank you again for encouraging words. Have a good day as well.

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