The Need for Diversity in the Design of a Website for Better SEO in 2013

A good SEO strategy needs a perfect approach, while there are many areas where you can utilize diverse options to get a better response. While designing a website, you must look for various available options rather than focusing on a single one to create some useful stuff from SEO point of view. However, a few points that can be considered to add diversity to your website’s design are discussed below.

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  • The technique of pushing the rank meter up with an aggressive use of an anchor text has become a thing of the past, since the same has been reinforced by the Penguin update. As you need to get a lot of inbound links from different sources to your website, the use of a particular anchor text is considered to be a spam act by the search engine. So, you must work on it and remove any backlink that appears to be fake or unnatural, where an over-obsessed anchor text makes all the links loose their natural look. Though, you need to tweak in some of the high authority links to your website, but an excessive use is not a good idea.

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  • There are many sources over the internet that rate guest posts as a great source for building links to your site, but those are not the only sources. Link building services must be focussed on creating diverse links rather than focussing on a single post type. Many optimizers have been reported to have lost all their healthy ranking by collecting some garbage stuff and then publishing it on excessive websites. So, you need to review your profile and add a diversity to it for a better ranking.

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Traffic Sources:

  • Google search engine has gained a great spot in the internet world creating a source of a huge amount of traffic for all the websites. Due to its popularity, most of the companies rely on it as a source of their traffic, which can prove to be very harmful for them. Relying on a single traffic source will drop all your traffic in case of a single major change to the source. For instance, the latest algorithm updates from Google have largely affected ranking of many websites, out of which, most were reliable only on its search engine for traffic.


  • Marketing is a much needed ingredient for an effective promotion of a product to attract a huge customer base. Although, marketing can provide a great customer base, but an irrelevant product or a poor quality won’t get any healthy response from the customers, no matter how strong the marketing may be. So, you must focus on your product and then make out a list of benefits offered by it to the consumers. Using this, you must create a marketing content that can be used to build up an understanding of your products among your target audience to get a better response.

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Point of View:

  • Your point of view regarding your field holds a great significance, since an interest towards your work will persuade you to find high quality content and frame unique articles. If your attitude towards your field of job is not positive and you are getting bored from the tasks, the same feeling will be conveyed to your prospects, reducing the results for your efforts. So, you need to have a change in your point of view, for which you must open up your mind and look for diverse options available to inspire you. Conversing with people for suggestions and visiting your official places with a different purpose will provide you a new perspective.

Thus, modify your approach to a diverse one to reap more benefits from the SEO strategy that you are following for your business.

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