7 Ways How SMM Can Really Benefit Your Business

SMM stands for social media marketing, and it refers to any action on social media that may be used and/or leveraged into a benefit. For example, posting a YouTube video about your product may make people want to buy it. Writing a post on a blog of social media profile about something and linking it to your website may make traffic visit. Almost any way that social media may be used in a way that creates a benefit, is known as social media marketing. Here are seven ways that SMM may benefit your business.

Image Source: http://cowlickstudios.com/

Image Source: http://cowlickstudios.com/

1 – It can raise your public image

It can be used as a way of improving the way the world sees you or your business. It may improve how your products are viewed by the online community or by your customer base. You may target people who are the most likely to purchase your goods, and change the way that they feel about your products, company, or service. People may not be aware that you have a green policy, or that you only source your goods from ethical suppliers.

2 – It can disseminate propaganda

You can say just about anything on social media and there will be someone out there who will believe it. There are whole campaigns on social media that say that childhood inoculations are dangerous, even though there has never been any evidence of it, and even though the world is full of empirical evidence proving that they do not. In this way, you could use fake social media profiles and say things such as how your competitor’s product is haunted or poisonous. You can spread rumors that people have been finding $20 bills inside the wrapper of your products.

3 – It is good for your website SEO

Links and mentions on social media are good for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). Google does monitor the social media networks to see if a website or a company is mentioned a lot, or of people are causing a fuss about it. Google uses cues from social media to figure out if a website should be ranked higher in the search engine results. Websites that integrate social media into them have a higher chance of ranking up through the search engine results pages a lot quicker than the websites that ignore social media.

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4 – It may reassure shareholders

Your social media profile will be being watched by your share holders. They will be looking for buying and selling signals. You can post very positive posts on there at times when your share price starts to take a bit of a dip. People will may also be interested in the company because they are planning on buying shares in the future. With your social media profiles, you may manipulate how they view your company.

5 – It may be used as proof of your marketing claims

You can use social media to show how your marketing claims are actually true. For example, you may say that you have the most durable tires, but you can prove it by showing a YouTube video of your tires being driven over broken glass bottles.

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6 – It helps to build and maintain your brand

A presence on social media is going to help you build your brand. It is going to help educate people about your products and your company. More importantly, it is going to educate people about your brand principles, and help them to associate your company and your brand logo with those brand principles. It will also help to bring your product to the top of your consumers’ mind when they do actually need your product in the future.

7 – It may be used to market your product or service

This is one of the most common uses for social media when it comes to marketing. This is because it is very easy to do and it is free in monetary terms. All it is going to cost you is a little bit of time. Direct selling is almost impossible with this type of marketing, but you may create a brand awareness or product awareness that results in sales in the long run. You may even use tactics such as placing promotional codes onto your social media profile, so that visitors have a reason to go to your website and have a look. You are also not limited by size when it comes to advertising on social media, as you can post adverts that are as small or large as you like.

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