Although Google analytics is one of the most widely used tool for generating traffic to both your site and blog, most people shy away from it as it has a lot of draw backs. Indeed Google analytics can be able to provide you with very relevant data than can be used to optimize your online marketing. However the tool is not well optimized for android mobile devices a fact that can be frustrating to the user. Thankfully there are a lot of android developers who have gone out of their way to come up with powerful applications that can be used with a lot of ease. The following are some of these must have apps;


This is by far one of the best analytics apps for android available in the market today. The app enables you to analyse very relevant information that includes the number of visitors to your site or blog, some of the popular keywords used, some referring sites etc. One good thing about gAnalytics is that it has a well thought out interface which is quite easy and convenient to use. Its only downside is that the time taken to change from one time-frame to another when looking at different data from different sites can be quite painstaking if not cumbersome. Apart from that it does provide the best information required by online marketers.

Droid Analytics:

Do not let the poor interface fool you to think that the Droid Analytics does not provide the necessary functionality. This App does provide very essential data that can be analysed and used quite easily. It is quite easy to use and viewing information from different sites within different time frames is made quite easy. One can simply view the data of the last one week, one month or any other relevant period by simply clicking on an icon on the interface. You can also be able to analyse the number of visitors to your site by classifying them daily, weekly or monthly. One of its drawback is the fact that it costs roughly $3.47 which is not pocket friendly compared to the other apps available in the market. A major advantage of this app is the fact that it is compatible with all the other versions of android as far back as android 1.1.


It is a very efficient Analytics app that has quite an array of relevant features. Some of its powerful features include crash recordings, heat maps etc. Appsee is quite a wonderful android app that can be easily used by online marketers to analyse information from their sites.


It has both a well-designed user interface and powerful analytics tools. It was specifically designed for users who appreciate graphs and charts as it is able to display the two in quite a colourful display. It is a very professional android analytics app that offers very powerful statistical data that can be easily used for decision making.


This app is quite amazing as it is able to offer you real time up to date data across multiple platforms. It really does give you a competitive edge as the data is real time and shows exactly what is happening in the market in real time.


This android app was specifically designed to help users find out exactly who is using their site and how they are interacting with it. One good thing about this app is that it is able to support very large data hence users do not have to worry about its scalability.

Simple Analytics Widget:

Although the above apps are quite useful to online marketers they tend to miss one key ingredient and that is a widget. It is worth noting that android apps are easier to use with a widget. Thankfully the designers of this app so the need to include a widget a fact that has made it quite easy to use. The widget in this app helps you to connect seamlessly to your Google account without having to ask you to provide a username or password. It is also very attractive to look at and presents information in very easy and amazing fonts that are easy to decipher. Another cool thing about the widget is that helps display different types of data.

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  1. Atul Kumar Pandey says:

    That is nice list of analytics apps. In my mobile device I use G Analytics because its user interface is awesome. Thanks for sharing nice stuff.

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