Cyber bullying: Tips how to help our kids deal with this potential online threat

As parents we face countless challenges in terms of trying to keep our children safe from all elements. Modern times calls for children to become social butterflies on the internet, so another challenge arise: keeping their information private. However, any child that enjoys access to the internet can also be vulnerable to several other dangers such as accidently visiting sites with content that may be upsetting to young children. And of course, simply by using the internet, our children can also be subject to the potential danger of cyber bullying. takes a closer look at what exactly cyber bullying is, and what we as parents can do in order to teach our children to maximise their e-safety.

cyber bullying

What is cyber bullying?

Cyber bullying or online bullying, is the act whereby an individual or group of individuals make use of the online world to upset, tease, humiliate or threaten another person. These acts can be executed by means of online games, email or any type of digital technological device, including mobile phone messages.

Why use the internet to bully?

It is impossible to say why anyone would want to act towards other people in a hurtful manner, and sometimes we all say things that can upset another person, even if we do not mean it. One of the best ways to explain any type of bullying is simply that the person doing the bullying feels insecure, and by bullying other people manages to feel better for a while. Because of this insecurity, the bully may choose to use mediums such as the internet, as he/she does not have to do it face to face and therefore feel safer about the act. Also, by using mobile text messages or email, the bully does not have to see the true effects of the bullying and subsequently do not have to face up to the potential danger and devastation of the act. This simply goes to show bullies can be described as being “cowards”. It does not matter what any person is going through: Bullying is never an acceptable means to an end.

How do you nip cyber bullying in the bud on a social networking site?

Although social media networks are great for having fun and keeping in touch with friends, these websites are not excluded from cyber bullying. When your child falls prey to a cyber bully on a social network, he/she may find the experience to be really hurtful. One way of trying to minimise such attacks, especially on children, is to immediately block a cyber bully and report the perpetrator to the administrators of the relevant social media network. Also assist your child to set up a safe social media profile, which can play a huge role in minimising cyber bully attacks. Think U Know is designed for children aged 5-16, parents and teachers to find helpful tips and information as to how to stay safe while on the internet. The site also allows for the reporting of suspicious online behaviour, including cyber bullying.

What to do when your child is being cyber bullied through a mobile phone

First of all, ask your child not to delete any of the messages which have been received from a cyber bully. Explain that it is very important the messages are kept so that it can be shown to a person who can help, such as the police if necessary. Also encourage your child to tell you as soon as a message has been received from a cyber bully and explain how important it is for them not to try and cope with the problem on their own. You can also change the mobile number of your child and tell them to only make the new number known to close family members and friends.
Although a mobile phone operator will not be in a position to block a specific number from contacting another mobile number, some mobile phones are programmed with a block or black list function. When the situation gets really bad and the police has to be involved, a mobile phone operator can however be instructed to block the mobile account of the cyber bully.

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  1. I was really worried about my younger brother being online all the time, but this article really helped me sort things out! Thank you Adrian for this wonderful article 🙂

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