How to Download Your Entire Facebook Photo Albums To Your Computer

It may have occured to you to transfer your Facebook photo albums however choosing the photos one when the opposite and downloading every of them isn’t a simple task, particularly if you’ve got different photos on Facebook. At first, I found it hard also backing up my entire Facebook photo albums on my hard drive that appears like a fairly cool idea till I discovered this easy trick.

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Reasons for this post

  • To allow you to transfer at ease all the contents(photos) in an album.
  • To save time.
  • In addition, during the method, this may allow you to produce a particular folder for the album on your computer because it is on the net.

In this article, i will be able to be showing you the way to transfer entire facebook album to your computer. These albums may be people who existed by default like Wall photos, cover photos and profile pctures, it would even be those created by applications like Instagram.


  • Firefox
  • Album Downloader for Facebook (a firefox add-on)


If you’ve got firefox on your computer, then download the add-on required as declared above:

[button link=”” type=”big” newwindow=”yes”] Facebook Album Downloader[/button]

  • Now sign up into your facebook account
  • Click on photo link (you will get this from your profile). you’ll moreover try this on your on friends profile
  • Go to your album and you right-click on your required album
  • From the choices, Click on “Download this Facebook album”

Facebook album downloader


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  • You can select multiple download by pressing ctrl plus command-click and you can choose the folder you wish the album to be downloaded and hit start.

Facebook album downloader1

  • Select the folder and transfer ought to begin. it’s going to take a fairly durable betting on the amount of photos you’ve got within the album however this positive works.

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Facebook album downloader

You should be notified once the photos are fully downloaded. you’ll repeat constant method for every album you’ve got on Facebook.

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  1. Kumar Chandan says:

    Hi, Adrian,
    I loved your tips to download Facebook photo album.
    I never listen this before and Album Down loader is also new for me.
    Thank You very much for sharing.
    Have a nice week ahead!!

  2. Lucernas Adrian says:

    You are welcome mate, I hope this tricks could help you.. Thanks and keep viewing my blog for the latest updates.. 🙂

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