Safety in Technology: How Certain Technology Can Keep You Safe

Most people on the high street would readily admit that they could not live without their mobile phone, and even those who disagree would soon realise just how dependent they are on technology in other areas of their life. Today’s society is faster paced than ever before and our need to multi task on the go is made a whole lot easier by our mobile devices.

Safety in Technology
Our smart phones are now so much more than just a phone, we can send and receive emails, create and edit documents, manage multiple schedules, hold live meetings and even use them to give presentations. Then incredibly, after all this activity, we can slip this paper thin piece of technology into our handbag or pocket and get on with our day.
Thanks to huge technological advances in smartphone development over the past decade, we are now capable of doing and seeing more, and working around the clock in a world that truly never sleeps! Global communication with long lost friends from school or new customers has never been easier or quicker, which means we literally have the whole word at our fingertips. Even when abroad, with providers like, we never truly switch off and can get internet access and coverage from just about anywhere.
In addition to these huge benefits to both our business and personal life, modern day technology can actually keep you safe. A perfect example is when looking to protect our children, who are already very tech savvy from an early age. Most children under the age of 16 will have a smartphone of their own and this device can provide a welcome tracking device for worried parents with the use of apps such as Find My iPhone which will show the parent exactly where the device is located.
It is a scary world out there for both children and adults alike, and we are having to be increasingly aware of our surroundings to ensure our safety day and night. To provide added peace of mind you can invest in a safety ring which has a clever GPS signal that can be activated discreetly and will broadcast your location should you need help. The signal is received by your named emergency contact as a text message with your location, a link to a GPS map and your medical history, along with continuous location tracking. Allowing you to receive potentially lifesaving assistance at the touch of a button, this is something that you truly can’t live without.
GPS tracking devices on phones is perfect for people travelling abroad, particularly those who are backpacking or taking a gap year, so that family and friends back home can keep an eye on their loved ones location. A mobile phone with roaming network can provide a real lifeline to travellers who may need assistance while in a foreign country, and an emergency call can often be made regardless of the network or signal.
The growing number of car accidents due to the use of smart phones while driving has led to the development of an ingenious device that uses Bluetooth to automatically stop your phone from working when your car is moving. The only way that you can use your phone when this device is activated is if your phone is connected to a hands free system, and this really is the perfect solution for those of us who are too tempted to check that text or make that call when we are driving.
It is reassuring to know that there is technology available for all of us that was specifically created to help protect us at home, at work or out and about, so let’s take advantage of this and maximise our personal safety in the 21st century.

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