Whats New in Word Press 3.8 from WP Expert

WordPress bloggers all over the globe buzz with excitement as the official release date of WordPress 3.8 draws near. Unlike last month’s release of WordPress 3.7 which was more of behind-the-scene features, WordPress 3.8 is all about prettier appearance and better user experience. In fact, its upcoming features can already be tested in a development environment, thanks to the features-as-plugins approach that allows developers and contributors to work together in the continuous improvement of different WordPress core aspects. You can check them out using a test site; just don’t use them on a real production site because they are highly experimental and might mess up some elements of your website.

Whats New in Word Press 3.8 from WP Expert

So, while waiting for its official release this month, take a look at these cool and exciting features of the new WordPress 3.8:

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Admin Area Makeover

Giving bloggers a more visually-refreshing and user-friendly experience, the WP Admin interface is now packed with 8 simple high-contrast color schemes, a more optimized design and layout, and flatter icons partnered with the Open Sans font. You can install and activate the MP6 plugin to get a feel of the overall appearance and functionality of the WP Admin.

Dashboard Overhaul

If you’re one of those users who think that the current WordPress Dashboard is a bit too cluttered for their taste, then you’re going to love this new update! This prettier version of the WP Dashboard combines widgets and rearranges the layout to come up with a cleaner, sleeker design. Here are some differences that you’ll notice:

  • WordPress News now contains the previously separate widgets WordPress Blog, Other WordPress News, and Plugins.
  • QuickPress and Recent Drafts are merged into Quick Drafts.
  • The bulky widget where you can see your scheduled and published posts and the Recent Comments widget are combined into a single widget called Activity.

Theme Preview Enhancement

Because live previews speak louder than their text descriptions, the new theme browsing interface brought its text elements into a bare minimum. Screenshots are made larger and a full-screen preview, complete with a collapsing sidebar, is now possible. You can try the Thx38 plugin to check this feature out, provided that you have installed the MP6 plugin first.

Widgets Area Revamping

Dragging and dropping of widgets can be a real pain, especially if your mouse is not cooperating with you. With lots of widgets to choose from, it is also a difficult task to click a widget, drag it across the screen, and drop it to the right place. Now, the new Widgets Area interface features a very simple two-step process: click a widget and choose where it goes. No more drag-and-drop functionality! To see this friendlier and headache-free feature for yourself, you can install the Widgets Area Chooser when the MP6 plugin is already activated.

A New Default WordPress Theme: Twenty-Fourteen

Venturing away from its simple traditional default themes of the past, WordPress 3.8 will release a more sophisticated magazine style default theme. Twenty-Fourteen has a lot of customizable features and formats that let users choose which posts they will highlight. Here are some of Twenty-Fourteen’s main features:

  • Several page templates: default, full-width, and an author page
  • Multiple navigations
  • Different page formats: standard, gallery, image, quote, aside, audio, and video
  • A tagging system for the Featured Content area
  • A Featured Images area

If you want to take a peek at Twenty-Fourteen, check out its live demo. You can also try a beta version of this theme, but it involves a lot of tweaking.

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Wrapping Up

WordPress 3.8 looks really promising and almost everyone in the WordPress community was looking forward for its release. It is surely a much bigger launch and we at PrepNerds (a certification preparation material provider) are very confident that certified PHP developers and MySQL developers future is being more brighten than ever with the popularity and updates of this content management system.

Also, a lot of plugins are currently being developed and improved to be included in the WordPress core. So stay tuned and keep watching out our blog for more updates in the WordPress environment! You can join us on Facebook, Twitter, Google+ or subscribe us through email here.

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    Hi Mary
    I must share one thing that the new WordPress version made my eyes freezed for a while when I updated it.
    Wordpress has rewarded us with these amazing new features and mesmerizing looks. Now , we have really cool customization options in our dashboard.

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