Social Media Design tips for 2014

In the ever changing world of internet marketing and social media, visual or graphic elements are one of the most effective ways to grab the attention of visitors. It has been found that between 65 to 85 % of people describe themselves as visual learners.

social media tips in 2014

Are you ready to maximize your Social Media design efforts? With these tips for social media design for 2014, you can create images that accomplish your objectives and attract your audience.

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  1. Distinguish Print vs. social: Don’t post anything that is meant directly for print, when posting on social media as it is probably that the printed piece is very copy heavy and the resolution is also very high. Instead, reprocess the printed parts and share the most important elements only.
  2. Write less details: Writing the less details is better, when creating the visuals on social media. Copy should be short and creative so as to grab the attention of the visitors. You can add a link to add more information.
  3. Follow updated guidelines: Be sure that you follow all the updated guidelines on each social network.
  4. Determine hierarchy: The visual hierarchy matters a lot in a design. In addition to the content, your images and words should be organized in such a way that helps the visitors to expedite the message. The more significant is the message, the more variation it should have.
  5. Choose good image: Image selection is the king. While choosing an image, put yourself in the shoes of visitors. Ask yourself: Is this something you would share with your friends? Go with something that will elicit the reaction.
  6. Consider a logo: When you are creating your own images, then you have the option of branding yourselves in images by adding your company’s logo. There are some who prefer to have their logo on every prominent piece, and there are also the ones who ditch the logo. It is your choice, so you can consider both options based on your audience.
  7. Don’t forget attribution: It is okay to use the images from creative commons but make sure that you attribute the image with the author. Don’t make use of the mages that you are not allowed to use. Just because the image is the result of Google search, it does not mean you can use it.
  8.  Save for web: When you are saving the files out of Photoshop, use the “Save for Web” feature to create smaller images that are ideal for mobile and web.
  9. Prioritize Typography: Typography is a big factor in visual design. A good typography elicits the character and the feelings about your brand. Make the headlines bold and easy to read. Use lines large enough to read – the shorter the lines, the better they are.

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These are some of the social media design tips for 2014 that will help you to get success in social media marketing. If you have any more tips related to it, then share it by commenting column.

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