How Wearable Products would make your Smartphone Productive

When we look at the gone year 2013, it was very boring as it lacked any kind of technological innovation. However Apple released three of its most waited as well as spectacular Smartphones this year but still we were not able to see much from other tech giants. But there is nothing to worry as the coming year has a lot of promise. This year we also have seen some of the wearable Smartwatches that have been released by companies like Pebble and which were capable of syncing themselves with our Smartphones.


SO the Smartwatches which could be connected to your Smartphone is definitely going to create a whole new era of computing in the following year. And it is expected that the most awaited Apple iWatch is going to change the way with which we deal with our wrist in the same old way like Apply changed the whole cell phone industry in the year 2007 with its iPhones.

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These Smartwatches are going to prevent us from putting out our phones from our pocket every time we receive a message or call from someone. The software that will be present on the watch is going to be much smarter than the mobile because of the improved location sensors that will be added into it. Now the time will arrive when you won’t have to look again and again into your watch to check, instead the watch is going to tell you when you need to look into it.

There is no doubt that the Smart Watch manufacturing companies are going to earn billions with this idea. So let us take an example that how this is going to work. Let us take Foursquare, which is a location based application. The application keeps on working in the background in order to corral the various pieces of information that includes your location, time as well as the information about the places where you friends have been. After this the application also gives you suggestions that what you can do.

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So just imagine all of you applications working just like this. Twitter is always telling you the events happening near your house or what your favorite stars have tweeted, or Facebook updating you regularly with the posts that others have been posting on your wall. In addition to that your Smartphone automatically detecting and keeping your messages, mails and calls at bay whenever you are having breakfast lunch or dinner with your family, just by sensing the presence of your children’s or spouse’s mobile phones nearby at the same time.

So there is going to be a great connection between the wearable gadgets as well as our Smartphone which is really going to reduce a lot of our work and will save out time. This will also lead to development of more advances applications that are capable of sensing the habits as well as working of the owner and act accordingly without the user making decisions that what to do again and again. Smartphone and wearable gadgets are our future and their combination is really going to be a revolutionary thing in the present world.

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  1. Anchit Shethia says:

    iWatch and iOS 8 both are going to deeply integrate with sensors and health related things. I think this is the only accurate rumour about it right now. Nice article.

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