How to Pick the Best Top Level Domain Name for Your Site

Picking an effective top domain name to represent your goals online turns out to be a bit more complex than meets the eye. A domain name brands your site and gives people a perception of what you are all about. When coming up with a name consider a few important points.


Is It Relevant?

The first consideration should be to come up with names that have some relevancy to the subject matter of the site. Think about what your site visitors will see when they visit. A good name makes a clear connection with subject matter in people’s minds. For instance, a site about security alarms could have the word security as part of the domain. This would reinforce the main product focus in the minds of potential customers.

Make It Memorable

Come up with a domain name that is easy to remember and catchy. This is easier said than done. However, it is worth spending the time to think of ways to be unique. The competition online is always stiff. Having a unique sounding domain is one way to grab attention. Brainstorm by writing down lots of different word combinations. Pick the top five and then make a final decision.

Keep It Short and Sweet

There may be a temptation to fit as many words as possible into your domain. Avoid this trap. Long domains are much harder to remember and type correctly. Since there are numerous potential word combinations, stick to domains that are no longer than four words in length.

Use Hyphens Selectively

Hyphens can be used strategically when the words in your domain need to stand out for clarity. For example, tree trimming experts would benefit from a hyphen between the words “tree” and “trimming” to make the name more pronounced during a search.

Add a Word to Get What You Want

One of the most frustrating things about picking domains is realizing that the name you want is already taken. This is bound to happen at some point, but you should not let this deter you. Adding on an additional word to the front or back of the name often works out great.

Always take time to consider choosing a name that is going to give your site authority and uniqueness. It is a good idea to buy top levels domain from a reputable online source to ensure your domain has all of the necessary protections of ownership.

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