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X Theme is the last WordPress theme you’ll ever have to buy

Have you heard about the brilliant awesome themes for wodpress? will if no, here i’m gonna share you the ultimate wordpress theme the X THEME..

This theme has been developed by themeco,who have made a little variety of what are called stacks. These themes not only modify the looks of the site, however also add all the desired options and functionality to WordPress, so as for the platform to be used to produce a particular style of website.

The X theme also includes a strong set of options for customising the stacks which fits a long thanks to making certain no two installations of this theme can look a similar.

When making this theme and its stacks, the developers consulted with a spread of professional web entrepreneurs. Unlike child themes, the stacks are individual styles and are abundantly separate entities. However, you’ll be able to still create child themes for every stack. this enables you to create changes as you’d with the other theme. In fact, there are variety of child themes enclosed within the X theme package to assist you start. For you to familiarize this theme read on for our in-depth review of the X theme.

Ultimate wordpress theme X theme

Overview of the Main Features of X Themes

The other highlight of the X theme is that the methodology for customising your website. several premium themes go along with their own theme options page that isn’t native to WordPress, and might so be painful to use. However, that isn’t the case here and X comes with a awfully intuitive feature they call the customizer, that is employed for changing how your website looks. one among the key selling points of this theme is its ability to supply multiple styles, all in the one package.

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Fully Responsive Mobile Friendly Design

Responsive design could be a should. With a growing range of users visiting websites on their smartphones and tablets, it’s not acceptable to supply a subject that isn’t usable on tiny screen devices. fortunately the stacks that come with this theme fleetly respond to match screens of all sizes, due to their fluid layouts.

Using the Theme Customizer

A really great feature of the customizer is that the ability to import and export your settings. this implies that you just will produce a website precisely however you would like it, then export the configuration, and so import it on another website that has this theme put in, to quickly recreate the same look and feel. For anyone building sites for clients, the advantages ought to be obvious.

The customizer permits you to try and do just about something that affects the looks of your website, including:

  • Sidebar position
  • Boxed or full width
  • Colours
  • Fonts
  • Change the stack
  • Header placement
  • Menu placement
  • Buttons
  • Background
  • Logos

The Stacks

This theme comes with three separate designs which are referred to as Stacks. While they can all be heavily customised, they are the foundation of everything you do with X. While there are more stacks on the way, the three available at the time of writing are:

  • Integrity
  • Renew
  • Icon

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eCommerce Support

The theme is additionally an appropriate alternative for anyone building an eCommerce store as it full integrates with the free and ever fashionable WooCommerce shop builder plugin. every stack comes with its own on-line store design, therefore anyone building an internet store doesn’t miss out on the choice of individual website styles that go together with this theme.


There are many features of the X theme that are related to appearance and it seems a shame to lump them together, but for the sake of brevity here are some of the highlights:

  • Icon fonts for adding 400 individual responsive icons to your posts
  • Retina ready with support for high resolution displays
  • Customised social sharing buttons
  • Includes all Photoshop PSD files
  • 600 fonts included
  • Backgrounds support images, patterns and solid colours as well as multiple images that transition on single posts

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X Theme is the last WordPress theme you’ll ever have to buy

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