SoftMaker Office HD for Android

SoftMaker Office HD is an Android application which is used to manipulate your documents like creating,editing and managing them according to your needs and tasks.This Office suite helps you to use documents on your android device just like you would do it on your PC.This app is currently in a beta version released to public.As you all are aware of the offices suites which came on the pc’s long back were used by almost all the PC users.Office suites on android are also necessary as there are plenty of android devices being sold lately.The future is going mobile and so is Office.

SoftMaker Office HD lets you work on your old doc,ppt,xls to the smallest details and also the exchange level of compatibility with the latest docx,pptx and xlsx is easy.Almost any version of documents can be opened  and edited.

SoftMaker Office HD has 3 main Functions:

SoftMaker Office HD

SoftMaker Office HD

  1. TextMaker HD
  2. PlanMaker HD
  3. Presentations HD

Technical Specifications

  • Mimics the entire office features you would find on  PC’s.
  • User interface is better optimized in a touch screen environment , as the devices which run android are mainly touch screen.Supports Additional mouse and keyboards.
  • Documents can be easily exchanged between any version without losing its fidelity.
  • The documents are compatible with LibreOffice and openoffice.
  • Open and save documents in RTF,HTML,Pocket word,ASCII and Unicode.
  • Creating pdf files is an awesome feature that you would want to use more.
  • Access documents in Google drive,evernote,dropbox directly from this suite.
  • Smart text is an interesting feature here which converts short texts to its full.
  • Auto line numbers,paragraphs,lists and headings.
  • Outliner for structuring documents,comment system,captions.
  • Draw and design directly into your documents and its fully compatible with MS word auto shapes.
  • Directly insert images and files from your android gallery.
  • large database of flowcharts and org charts.70 different types of charts are available too.
  • Table and nested tables are created at ease.
  • sorting texts and tables are efficient.
  • Spell checking is done in 17 languages,synonyms in ten languages and automatic hyphenation in 33 languages.
  • Handling typos are better and easy to find out.
  • Full Unicode enabled.Extended support for east asian languages and arabic.
  • Mail merge is better and support team is available to assist you if you have any problem.

Download the SoftMaker office HD here

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