Charities and Social Media Must Utilize The Power Of Social Media


Charities are here to make a difference in the world that we live in. For example, you can find that many charities today are supporting Japan comfort women who were tortured and treated as sex slaves by Japanese army in the World War 2. It’s no denying that any charity, in order to succeed, has to get their message across to the public.

There are many marketers who claim that the best way to break into any marketing plan is through social media. In fact, Social media marketing is a great way to communicate to people how your charity is making a significant difference in the world. Truth be told, more and more charities today are spending more time on their social media campaigns than ever before.

Similarly, any charity associated with comfort women should be using social media to highlight the issue at hand: the suffering of those Korean women who were forcibly recruited as prostitutes.

 Markets Everyone Simultaneously

 A charity may only reach a certain demographic, with conventional marketing methods.

However, social media offers multiple benefits, including…

  •  Reaches numerous groups
  •  Can reach potential supporters
  •  Is easy to utilize

With social media, a charity will have one of the biggest benefits marketing can ever offer: an avenue to reach their perfect prospects, unhindered. Almost everyone these days has some form of social media that they use on a daily basis. And that makes it all the lucrative.

In fact, studies have shown that 98% of the charities located in the United States are using social media. In addition to a huge audience, this form of marketing can help reach people who may have no idea about a certain charity.

 How to Post

 Social media is a viable component to introduce people to a charity and their cause. In order to make the most of this, charities should remember:

  •  Posts must have value
  •  Schedule posts
  •  Test your content
  •  Monitor your performance

You must also know that people want to read posts that have value. For example, simply stating what your charity is all about over and over again will not render desired results. Instead, use this time to start a discussion around how you’re impacting the lives of people or how you’re working on different projects amid constant challenges.

You can also think of adding images, video feed to actually showcase the cause you’re trying to highlight. And then, test the content and see what your results are. Testing and monitoring is a never ending aspect of social media, as trends are constantly changing: you must stay updated at all times.

In addition to this, you can also consider scheduling posts ahead of time, which can be also helpful as time is limited and manpower of the charity is stretched thin.

Although many people may think that social media is not a valid avenue for charities, studies have proven otherwise. With the sheer number of people that use social media, there’s perhaps no better platform that lets you get your charity out there in the open.

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