Review on Cleopatra Free Slot Game

Cleopatra slot game is one of the most famous online slot games that can be found in Las Vegas and bricks and mortar casinos all around the globe. First this game was available as Cleopatra Slot Machine but it is even available to play online with the help of casino softwares and apps provided by Caesars Casino.  Well, before any final decision on this game let’s know about it before hand, try it by our own and then conclude whether it deserves the present position in the area of slot games or not.


This slot machine uses 5 reels and 20 lines for paying which added an advantage for the players to form different winning combinations for them. This actually provides high chances of winning. This pay line gets active as soon as the player bets a coin on the particular pay line.

This slot game certainly highlights the story of ancient Egypt through the pictures of Pharaohs, pyramids, and also the cruise taking down the Nile. Players experience excitement of their winning on every spin of the reel.


Pay line combinations

Selecting a pay line to bet and having any winning combination is essential to strengthen your winning potential and also it may provide you with huge amounts.

In order to double your winning amount there is a symbol called Wild symbol which must be used by you. However, players need to try and complete these win lines and can make their winning amounts double with the use of this wild symbol.

Another part to be focused is Sphinx symbol which might have no significance for you in the beginning of the game but its actual value is realized as you go on proceeding with this free cleopatra slot game. This symbol will be useful to enter the free spin round which is possible only if you have three or more of this symbol. This is really an exciting one and a destiny changer as you will be able to grab huge lottery on a three times multiplier.


Now coming to its review, as we can see that there are different ways of winning and even more ways to multiply the win, it is satisfactory why this slot game is one of the most popular online games.

This is best suited for beginners as well as the experienced ones as one can bet anything ranging from 0.01 to 10.00. If you have not played it yet you can try for it, you just need to select the pay line and the more line they bet for, more their chances are to win.

This is an extremely easy game and to earn huge amount is easier than the game. This online game has succeeded to gain higher RTP than the land based slot game. It is an easy task to learn the paytable so you need not spend much of your valuable time or let’s say ages, as it takes ages to learn new things, to learn this game.

Well, I can conclude saying that this is a life changing one who manages to win the gam

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