Tips For Creating Successful Signage


Retail signage is the first representation of your company that your customer will see, so it is crucial that the impression made is a good one. While it is true that every business is different, there are some tried and true methods that work no matter what your business entails.

Make It Easy To Read

Using an unnecessarily complicated font is one of the worst mistakes that a business can engage in. It may cute or artsy to you, but to the customer that has to strain to read it, it is an eyesore. If they cannot read your sign, they probably will not come in.

Keep It Simple

Do not clutter your sign with distracting designs. Use fewer words, but make sure the one you do use have an impact. The attention span of the typical consumer is shortening, so your sign needs to convey your message quickly and efficiently.

Why Are They Buying From You?

Include the reason they are buying your product or service in your signage. Is it to make their hair beautiful? Is it to get a hot meal at a great price? The reasons need need to be appealing to draw them in. The customer reacts best when they can imagine themselves using what you are selling.

Test It Out

The sign may look great to you before you display it. However, just because it looks good from a sidewalk vantage point doesn’t mean it looks good to passing traffic. Have an employee or friend drive past in their vehicle to make sure it can be easily read while driving past your business.

Have Fun

Simple does not have to equal boring. You can make signage that is cool to look at, but that is easy to read as well. Humor and double entendres are a great way to catch the attention of a passing customer. Remember, your goal is to get them to take notice of you.

Consult With A Pro

A professional signage company can guide you in creating exactly what attitude you are trying to convey. Companies such as Priority Sign will work with you every step of the way.
These tips should serve as a good foundation for creating your own memorable and attention-grabbing signage. If the sign puts a smile on the face of the customer, they will be smiling before they even enter your store.

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