Inbound Marketing: How Your Business Can Benefit From “Being Found” Online

The days of going door-to-door to close sales and harassing customers over phone calls have come to a near halt in the past few years. Now, customers have access to so much information online that they’ve become highly resentful of intrusions related to marketing. No wonder why the use of ad blockers, caller ID check, and spam folder tools have gained such massive popularity.


Now, marketing is all about providing top value first and hoping that they’ll respond by returning the value in the form of sales. Inbound marketing is what’s IN today, and your business is missing out on a lot if it’s not utilizing the core strategies of this marketing technique.

The reasons why inbound marketing is important to a business:

  1. Changed buying patterns and smarter consumers

In the age of abundance of information, consumers have become smarter in filtering out blatant marketing messages. Individuals these days do not rely on word-of-mouth advice to influence their buying decisions and want to be in complete control with their purchases. And the best way to be in control is to seek out information on the Internet.

Now, to be able to influence a potential customer’s choices, you must provide value through high-quality and relevant content; not just make sales pitches after the other. Sales will come easily once you have established yourself as an influencer and an expert who they can trust. 

  1. Increased costs associated with outbound marketing techniques

There are studies that indicate that organisations that primarily rely on inbound marketinghave a lower cost per sales lead. This is true because the cost of running a blog will be the same regardless how much visitors it attracts. Be it 1000 or 1 million a month; you pay no more than how much you have allotted to your budget.

On the contrary, outbound techniques vary in costs based on the number of impressions. Even the publishing tools you’ll need for inbound marketing are affordable. In fact, an inbound marketing agency like Red-Fern Media helps businesses in setting up their online profile from the ground up at very low costs. 

  1. Better chances to convert visitors into customers

When people come looking for your products and/or services online, it means that they already have buying intent. These “warm leads” happen to be those you won’t find through blanket advertising or cold calling. Since consumers want to be in control of the buying process, letting them find your business imprints an idea in their mind that they are in charge.

By harnessing the power of SEO and social media, your business can efficiently be “get found” online. This will give your potential customers the impression that they are under no obligation to make a purchase. Now, all that you have to do is focus on how to convert visitors into customers to bank some serious sales.

So, is outbound marketing dead?

Of course not! The potential of boosting sales through inbound marketing is indeed promising, but it doesn’t mean you can already ditch outbound marketing. Finding ways to make inbound and outbound marketing work together is the key to an improved selling experience. So be sure to explore both these strategies to see what works the best. After all, every business is unique.

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