Answers to Common Questions Explain How Lightening Data Can Benefit Your Organization

When Benjamin Franklin discovered the true force behind lightning, electricity, he opened the door to a new power source and a lot of fascination. Yes, lightning is beautiful, but it’s also deadly, which is why many businesses rely on lightning software to predict more than just an incoming thunderstorm. Answers to common questions demonstrate how businesses benefit from tracking lightning in real time.

What role does lightning play in ceasing business operations?

Unless a true rarity, no business today runs withouttechnology, and this equipment is surge intolerant. Lightning causes voltage in nearby electrical wiring to peak and drop, which can render technical equipment inaccurate or knock it completely out of order temporarily or permanently. Lightning also poses danger to humans, and some business types must shut down to protect their employees and patrons until a severe storm passes.

Which business types are most affected?

Any business can be affected by severe weather, but some business operations require a constant eye on weather patterns.For example

  • Airports
  • Broadcasting
  • Education
  • Outdoor recreation
  • Professional athletics
  • Telecommunications
  • Utilities

The advanced lightning software found in Earth Networks Sferic mapping allows those in charge of emergency management, public safety and risk management to read animated National Weather Service and other alerts, radar imagery, temperatures and atmospheric pressure gauges.

How does this real-time data help these businesses in their practices?

Access to global weather data helps airport operators identify potential problems, which increases airline safety and prevents flight delays. Major League Baseball games can avoid rain delays if they can see second-by-second weather patterns around them. The telecommunications industry must know when to lock down networks to protect them against severe electrical surges, and the utility companies must also be able to predict inclement weather to prevent outages.

These are just some examples of how severe weather tracking gives businesses a competitive edge. If you access real-time data via Earth Networks’ Sferic maps and API interface, you can prepare for the worst before it happens. Contact us today to discuss inclement weather and your business operations.

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