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Blogger Heroe

Blogger Heroe shares effective ways to ‘Make Money Online’, Affiliate Marketing, Make Money Blogging, Blogging,Tricks, Tech News, New Technology, Blogger Widgets etc… This site was founded by kasper a 23 year old , who always wants to explore and share interesting tips, tricks for blogging. He is not a computer major student. Yet, he is in love with codes and graphic designs. He comes up with an idea of sharing about everything under the sun. So, what he did was to look for online tutorials. His blogs really comes from a scratch. NO. I mean from nothing. He don’t have any ideas at first but with its curiosity, he made this wonderful blog. That’s the spirit! This site is currently managed by the Blogger Heroe Team. If you have some knowledge to spread and want to join this team, then you can contact with us by sending an email. For more info see Contact page.


Our Mission

Our mission is to engage outstanding listing and tutorials for inferior experienced Bloggers who are works condition quality tips and tricks. There’s no bound on how far we can go in intercourse them our knowledge regarding spicing up your blog. Creativeness is the exclusive rule here. We do tutorials measure by step so you can easily originate. This journal is existing for we wanna support you guys making your blog as amazing as YOU!


Our Aim

Our aim is to open our knowledge to all Bloggers in every predicament of online experience and to be the best provider of web tutorials, tools, tricks and hacks. Every job publicized here is practically based on professional outlook so that every blogger take each and every explanation to base himself as experienced Blogger. No matter what happens motivation is the best medicine for bloggers who are unable to attract audience.And thence Kasper and Blogger Heroe will try their individual to support caliber guidance with lots of need.


My Message To New Bloggers

In this world there’s no limit in our imagination, So all i can say is never see what you are gaining form your efforts. Because blogging needs little hard work but plenty of patience. It is a foundation which will allow you to multiply your voice to communicate with the whole world. just do what ever you want to do. once you learn this from your life than you realize that actually you are enjoying your work. and than it’s not a job for you is a passion for you. and you will try to give your best. Just follow the voice of your heart and obey the guidelines which are given to you by your heart. because no one is knowing you better than your heart. it will lead to you as a success full person..


Special Thanks

Before you will end reading this page, I would like to be thankful to GOD Almighty for gifting you with the ability to read and write. Everyone of you is a born genius, you just need to recognize your God gifted potentials. To all my friends for the laughter and ideas we’ve been tackled every reunion,and to all my readers, thank you so much. Without you guys, this site is nothing. Physiologist wishes for all of you guys for your Blogging Career. and Happy Blogging..