SoftMaker Office HD for Android

SoftMaker Office HD

SoftMaker Office HD is an Android application which is used to manipulate your documents like creating,editing and managing them according to your needs and tasks.This Office suite helps you to use documents on your android device just like you would do it on your PC.This app is currently in a beta … [Read more...]

Safety in Technology: How Certain Technology Can Keep You Safe

Safety in Technology

Most people on the high street would readily admit that they could not live without their mobile phone, and even those who disagree would soon realise just how dependent they are on technology in other areas of their life. Today's society is faster paced than ever before and our need to multi task … [Read more...]



Although Google analytics is one of the most widely used tool for generating traffic to both your site and blog, most people shy away from it as it has a lot of draw backs. Indeed Google analytics can be able to provide you with very relevant data than can be used to optimize your online marketing. … [Read more...]

Why is Whatsapp so hard to break?


War has broken out in the world of free messaging apps. Several competitors have risen to challenge Whatsapp's popularity. In our opinion, there never was a war. The reason for this is the advantages Whatsapp has over other free messaging apps. And just what are these advantages? Let’s have a … [Read more...]

10 Most Popular Fitness and Health Free Apps For Android

10 best fitness apps for androin

We are so busy, So we hardly get free time for us but when we do,, we have a tendency to prefer to take a relief and revel in the instant. However, this can be smart but it'd never be harm to utilize a number of that free time to try and do exercise that may keep our mind and body fresh and build … [Read more...]