Get More Views For Your Blog With These Six Strategies


It’s time to simplify things. You want views; we know how to get them. There are a heck of a lot of blogs on the internet. If you want yours to stand out, you can’t just hope to throw a few words on a page and wait for the views to roll in. You’ve got to be willing to go the next step, and that’s … [Read more...]

Integrate Existing Advertising Channels with Social Media


Social media encompasses several important platforms including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and LinkedIn. Social media is not limited to giant social media networking sites. Several other examples of social media platforms are listed below:  Collaborative projects ( Wikipedia)  Blogs and … [Read more...]

How to Choose Between a Self-Hosted WordPress Blog Or a Remotely Hosted Blog on Blogger or

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When people are talking about WordPress, they may be talking about which is the remotely hosted version of WordPress that's free or which is the self-hosted version of WordPress which is also free but it costs you money to host that site on a webhost such as HostGator or … [Read more...]

Best Tactics To Rank Your Articles In Search Engine


Are you disquieted of not obtaining your article ranked in Search Engine? are you disquieted of not obtaining Organic Traffic? Fine, as a result of being a blogger or a webmaster, you would like to be disquieted or else you're not speculated to decision yourself a Blogger or a webmaster. These are … [Read more...]

Why Newbie Bloggers Can’t Make Money on Blogging

Why Bloggers Can't Make Money From Blogging

Blogs within the blogosphere have positively accumulated and lots of additional blogs are going to be obtaining launched over the coming years. Seeing this increasing competition some people suppose that make money from blogging isn't simple for them. I even have seen that some bloggers quit … [Read more...]